20 Things To Know After You've 'Pushed Out A Baby,' From 1 Funny Mom

"Your first shower will be like a scene from 'Carrie.' It's normal."

One mom spared no comical details when she got real about what it’s like after you’ve “pushed out a baby.”

On Aug. 24, Bekki Pope, who shares her motherhood journey on her Mummy Mumbles Facebook page, posted a list of 20 things to know after giving birth. The mom from Hertfordshire, England, recently welcomed a son and shared her honest take on how she felt just days after. In her list, Pope included warnings for the “after pains” and the “first wee” as well as some hilarious advice for the “first poo.”

“Do not panic,” she wrote. “You are not having another baby. It just feels that way.”

Later in her list, she reminded moms that the first shower will resemble a scene from the movie “Carrie” and that “everyone you’ve ever met” will want to visit you and your new addition in the hospital.

“People get overexcited about visiting hospitals,” she wrote. “They feel VIP when they walk in to a ward. You are a VIP ― a very in-pain person. And you look and feel like death. So only accept visitors if you are up to it.”

As of Friday, the post has gotten more than 112,000 reactions and 79,000 shares. Pope told The Huffington Post she shared her list because when she was pregnant no one shared “all the gory details” about giving birth. That’s when she decided to do it for other moms.

“They all said it was the most amazing thing ever and it would change your life. And of course they were right,” she told HuffPost. “But after experiencing it, there was so much that nobody had warned me about, and I felt I owed it to all mums to give an honest account of how a big body pushes a little body out.”

Pope’s most important advice to her fellow moms came at the end of her post. The last item on her list of things to know was to “stop worrying.”

“You’re not superwoman,” she wrote. “There is no such thing as normal, and there is no such thing as perfect. You are your baby’s normal. You are your baby’s perfect.”

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