20 Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling, From A Full-Time Traveler

20 Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling
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IG: @mylifesatravelmovie
IG: @mylifesatravelmovie

A lot of people ask me how I manage to stay fit while traveling full-time, and while I’d love to joke that it has a lot to do with my budget, there are definitely a few tricks to keeping my physique. It has a lot to do with wanting to maintain my health in order to keep traveling, and always being on the go, which requires a lot movement!

I think a major misconception people get about staying fit while traveling is that it counts as “cheat days” for eating and not exercising, since your typical diet and work out routine may not be available. But that’s totally false, and you’re just convincing yourself that it’s Ok to “let yourself go”, when in reality it’s extremely easy to keep eating healthy and stay active no matter what country you go to!

Admittedly, I am a vegetarian (well technically “pescatarian” because I eat fish), but I am by no means at all a health-food fanatic or fitness queen. I love pizza and wine, and I’d rather not ever step foot in a gym, so it’s really just these tips that are what keep me in the shape I’m in!

1. Always Start With A Big Healthy Breakfast

Sounds like your mother talking, but a big healthy breakfast is what fuels your energy for the rest of the day and gets your metabolism pumping. Plus, a lot of times hotels include breakfast, so if you’re a budget traveler like me, you’ll want to stock up on it anyway.

2. Have At Least One Yogurt Per Day

This is something I do religiously whether I’m at home or traveling. At first I ate yogurt for breakfast because it was filling, easy, and cheap, but while I was in India, I learned that yogurt is what helps “keep your tummy happy” AKA it regulates your digestive system and keeps you from having diarrhea or bloating.

It also can help regulate pH in your vajayjay which keeps it healthy and fresh. Not joking. Google it.

3. Drink Tons Of Water To Stay Fit While Traveling

Everyone knows drinking a lot of water is healthy for you, so make sure you keep that up while you’re traveling. It’ll keep you full, hydrated, and away from drinking bad things like soda. Most places have bottled water easily accessible, but if not, consider investing in a quality self-filtering water bottle.

4. Take The Stairs And Work Those Glutes!

IG: @mylifesatravelmovie
IG: @mylifesatravelmovie

Everyone knows that taking the stairs is a good workout, and that it’s better than taking the elevator yadda yadda. But it’s the actual doing it part that most people fail at because let’s be serious...who wants to take the hard way? Take the hard way. It’s the way to success.

5. Make Tea Your New Favorite Drink

Tea is a magical drink. It gives you energy to do fun activities, antioxidants to protect against damage from pollution, and for some reason, it also makes you poop. All of those things equate to ways that tea helps keep you fit while traveling, so drink up.

6. Have A Granola Or Protein Bar Between Meals

Keep your hangry monster at bay and your metabolism pumping by having a granola bar or protein bar in the morning and in between meals. I usually bring them in bulk from home, but you can also typically buy them abroad at any convenience store.

7. Buy Groceries Instead Of Always Eating Out

Which leads me to my next tip; buy groceries when you’re traveling instead of always eating out at restaurants. Not only will it save you money, but it will save you from over-eating, and help keep your healthy diet on schedule. I usually always buy oatmeal, soup, tea, popcorn, and eggs, and use a tea kettle or coffee maker to make them.

8. Know Exactly What You’re Eating

Something that looks good and healthy, may not always be uh healthy...but probably still good. Like those fancy salads with cranberry dressing and Gorgonzola cheese. Anyway. If you aren’t sure, ask, or do your research before you travel somewhere. People devote their whole lives to food blogging so at least utilize it!

9. Walk Instead Of Ride To Stay Fit While Traveling

Do you really need to take an Uber somewhere five blocks away? No. You don’t. Walk and burn some calories, and while you’re at it, stop and smell some roses. Unless you’re on a time crunch, it’s late at night, you have an impeding physical condition, or you’re in an unsafe neighborhood, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to just walk instead of always taking a vehicle.

10. SUPER TIP: Flex When You Walk!

IG: @mylifesatravelmovie
IG: @mylifesatravelmovie

Doesn’t it look like I’m purposely flexing in this picture? That’s because I am. Have you ever heard of the little fitness trick to flex while you walk or run on a treadmill? Same thing applies to when you’re walking in real life. So flex those abs, glutes, and whatever else you can squeeze while you’re walking.

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