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20 Unique Places in Europe Suggested by Instagram Followers

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One thing I've learned from traveling is that you can research the shit out of a place for days, but there's a good chance you'll only find the typical, "tourist things to do" in the most popular places. Well, I don't really like " typical tourist things to do", and I don't think you do either.

So that's why I've reached out on Instagram to see if any of the awesome travelers out there who follow me had any suggestions for my upcoming trip to Europe! Not only did I find some great locations and tips, but some awesome photography too!

Check out these 20 unique places in Europe that my Instagram followers sent me, and be sure to check out their pages, because they have a lot more amazing photos of these places!

I'm also going to start featuring my follower's photos on Fridays, so be sure to add me on Instagram (@mylifesatravelmovie) and use the tag #mylifesatravelmovie!

4. Positano, Italy

6. Segovia, Spain

9. Galway, Ireland

11. Lisbon, Portugal

13. Andorra le Vella

17. Yenisei River, Siberia

19. Salzburg, Austria

20. Eagles Nest, Germany