20 Ways Motherhood Changes Your Perspective

You develop a new appreciation for the sound of silence -- blissful, amazing silence.
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I have a vivid memory of walking through a busy mall with my husband about 20 years ago. We didn't yet have children of our own, but I had plenty to say about the mothers I saw back then. This day in particular, we passed a mom with a screaming toddler on her hip and a stroller full of bags. I remarked to my husband how ridiculous that was. "Why doesn't she put the kid in the stroller? That's what it's for, isn't it? Carrying the kid and strolling the bags is stupid!"

Well, I am now the mom of three daughters. They range in age from 8 to 13, and suffice it to say that in the past 13 years I have worn the same shoes that mom in the mall was wearing more times than I care to count. In fact, motherhood has changed my perspective on many things, including the proper use of a stroller.
When you become a parent...

1. You don't come first anymore. Ever.

2. You become hyper-aware of safety hazards.

3. You gain a new appreciation for sleep.

4. Your perception of the space-time continuum is thrown completely out of whack, because days seem to go so slowly but years go by so fast!

5. You become intensely aware of and concerned about the bodily functions of someone other than yourself.

6. You realize you are stronger than you ever knew you were.

7. The word "fun" takes on a whole new definition.

8. You realize the importance of both adhering to a schedule and just going with the flow.

9. You don't just drink coffee anymore. You need coffee. And wine.

10. You stop judging other parents.

11. You have to become the mature one in the relationship, whether you want to or not.

12. You develop a new appreciation for the sound of silence -- blissful, amazing silence.

13. A "quiet Saturday night at home" sounds fabulous rather than boring.

14. You worry about the future more than you worry about the past.

15. You learn the true definition of multitasking.

16. Being late becomes completely acceptable.

17. Food takes on a whole new level of necessity and frustration.

18. You remember how to see the world through the eyes of a child.

19. You gain a new and deep appreciation for your own parents.

20. You realize you have the capacity to love another human being more immensely than you ever thought possible.

How has becoming a parent changed your perspective?

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