2000 KIA--Watch Operation Truth's New TV Ad

First, let me thank everyone who has supported our Honor the Fallen campaign to get the daily casualty reports listed on Page One of the daily papers. If you haven’t sent a letter to your editor yet, do it right now by clicking here.

Second, Operation Truth is launching a riveting new advertising campaign today, and we need your help! The ad, titled, “A Better Way” calls on the President to change the course in Iraq and outline an exit strategy that honors the sacrifice our fallen have made. To see the ad click here. It will be running, beginning tomorrow, on FOX and CNN for nearly a week.

For months now, Iraq Veterans have been calling on the Administration to outline a clear mission with attainable goals and a sensible exit strategy for the war in Iraq, and we’re still waiting. For our Troops in harms way, life has only gotten more dangerous. The Pentagon continues to approach the war in Iraq as business as usual, and that’s just not working.

The debate about the war is made up of false choices in the country today. Staying the course is not an option, nor is an immediate pullout. It’s time to support our Troops by finally listening to them and giving them what they have been asking for – a clear mission and the tools they need to achieve it.

Please view our ad and tell your friends and family to do the same.