$2,000 Pasta Meal Offered At Bice Restaurant In New York City (PHOTO)

NYC's Most Expensive Pasta?

Bice restaurant in Midtown Manhattan is offering a meal that costs $2,013 -- and some people have been willing to pay up.

According to the New York Post, the restaurant is offering a homemade tagliolini pasta topped with two pounds of wish-caught fresh lobster and black truffles. The dish also comes served on a gold-leaf plate reportedly designed by Gianni Versace.

Gothamist spoke with a source at Bice who said that diners actually get to take home the plate after their meals.

However, as the outlet notes, those plates are valued at just $350, which leaves the total cost of the food at $1,663. Regardless, at least five people have reportedly already purchased the meal.

Chef Silverio Chavez of Bice sold the merits of the dish to the Daily Mail.

"It's going to melt in your mouth, the lobster is fresh and tender and all of the flavors work so well together... my mouth is watering thinking about it," he told the news outlet.

In addition to the pasta, the meal is also said to include fried calamari, a portion of veal, chocolate mousse for dessert and gratuity.

The $2,000 dish joins other outlandishly priced meals in New York City, including a $2,300 hot dog that debuted this summer. The wagyu dry-aged beef with black truffles and other accouterments -- such as organic ketchup -- was made available by 230 Fifth and required 48 hours notice to order, Gothamist previously noted.

Thanks to the city's reputation for serving up extravagant cuisine, a food truck was able to market a $666 "douche burger" in July.

The Kobe patty was supposedly stuffed with foie gras and topped with melted Gruyere cheese that had been infused with champagne steam. The toppings listed included lobster, truffles and caviar.

Ultimately, the promotion was meant as a satirical jab at the excess of expensive burgers.

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