2009: The Year Of WTF (VIDEO)

SeanieMic is at it again, this time taking on 2009 as the "year of WTF." Between David after the Dentist, Jon & Kate, the Snuggie, Sarah Palin, and Carrie Prejean, he has a serious point. Read the lyrics below!


Tweeting, tweeting on my phone
Tim McGraw put out a cologne
Tiger Woods slept with women
A newsguy liked to screw chickens
Michael Phelps inhaled and puffed
The world said that eight is enough
3 more years till we all die
So soak up two thousand and nine

Its just two thousand and nine
Did you get a flu of swine?
In the year two thousand nine

Lady Gaga had fd up style
Kate & Jon in the checkout aisle
We saw some people of walmart
The mall cop to call was Paul Blart
We all joined the cult of Snuggie
And Susan Boyle is fugly
Never had a New Moon shrine
In the year two thousand nine

Its just two thousand and nine
Sarah Palin did resign
In the year two thousand nine

Michael Jackson said goodbye
And Obama did kill a fly
Please oh please deport Speidi somewhere and I surely wont cry
Canada Im sad to say
That theres a party in the USA
Drinking Loko made from Four
To fit in on the Jersey Shore
This year made me shake my head
I even got a Playgirl spread
In the unemployment line
Its the year two thousand and nine

Its just two thousand and nine
Chris Browns CD sales declined
In the year two thousand nine

Retire, unretire Brett
Sully landed but it got wet
Kanye got drunk and caused a scene
More pageant garbage ms. prejean
In any funny situation I say play that Keyboard Cat
You want to order tacos from your phone
Well theres an app for that
Autotune was outta control
The Black Eyed Peas did sell their soul
That Phillips chick slept with her pops
Marker up my face deters the cops
In 30 years Ill look back and say to myself remember when?
Cause this year really sucked so drink it up for 2010