2011 Golden Globes InStyle Beauty Lounge

2011 Golden Globes InStyle Beauty Lounge
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Welcome to the 2011 InStyle Golden Globes Beauty Lounge! Come one, come all (but only if you're a celebrity) to be primped and pampered for all the pre-parties, post parties and red carpets!

On of the best places to be this weekend was the Four Seasons hotel on Doheny. Our friends over at ID PR were handling appointments for celebrities and press at the annual Golden Globes InStyle Beauty Lounge. L'Oreal, OPI and smartwater all had a presence with manicure stations, hair and make-up counters and bars with food and coffee and tea and cupcakes everywhere. Cara Kleinhaut from Cara Events has handled production on this event for the fourth year in a row and had just handled the CAA pre-party held with W Magazine at the Chateau Marmont the night before.

One of my favorite Hollywood fixtures, Stefanie Keenan, was shooting the party. She used to be a staff photographer at Patrick McMullan photo agency and left a few years ago to start her own photo agency. She is the only photog I know that could double as a super model. Stephani is married, funny and always jokes about her right "camera arm" being twice as big as her left.

I hooked up with RJ Williams (the Eloise of the Four Seasons as he lives and works in the hotel) and Tracy Behr of Young Hollywood in the lobby and walked over to the lounge held on the north side of the hotel in the Palm Room.

I am now a huge fan of L'Oreal after visiting the lounge. They have new packaging that is super chic and new products with lots of thought! I was also impressed by their brand integration as they had several commercials playing during the Golden Globes ceremony to really nail it home. L'Oreal equals Hollywood. Got it!

A few other brands who got involved with sponsoring parties this year who made the most of their presence include InStyle, Audi, smartwater and Grey Goose. While InStyle sponsored this beauty lounge for celebs, they also got together with Warner Brothers to host a viewing party in the Beverly Hilton hotel so spill over from the awards show also held in the hotel would be close by next door. Audi did their usually transportation rounds chauffeuring celebs between functions and Grey Goose sponsored a bar in the E! News one-on-one room where celebrities go to be interviewed after they win a Globe. Grey Goose aired commercials during the ceremony and also sponsored CAA's pre-party for the Globes at Soho House last Friday and the Critic's Choice Awards after party the same night.

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