2011 In Photos: From More Than 1 Million Images To Just 10

Every year, The Associated Press compiles a package of images that highlights the best photography and biggest news stories of the year. This year, Director of Photography Santiago Lyon narrowed the pool of nearly 400 year end images down to just 10. Lyon explains the thinking behind his selections and offers some insights into each of the photos.

By Santiago Lyon, The Associated Press

The Arab Spring. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. A nuclear crisis. The end of Osama bin Laden. And more. How to sum up an extraordinary year of news in just 10 photos? Given that The Associated Press handles more than 1 million images a year, the very notion is daunting.

Photo editing is inherently a process of comparison and selection. It involves aesthetics and storytelling and impact and memory. In the end, I chose an edit of 10 representative photos from some of the biggest stories of 2011 and then a broader edit of 397 news photos to try and capture almost everything else.

Comparing human experiences is an exercise fraught with risks because every experience is, in some way, a valid one. And the act of curating is, by its very nature, exclusionary. But in the end, when a year draws to a close, people want to see the images that made a difference. The choice of these 10 images from these seven stories is in no way meant to disrespect those involved in any other news events.

The Year in Photos: From over 1 million images to just 10, an edit by AP Director of Photography Santiago Lyon

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