2011 NFL Season Week 2 Picks

This week, Michael Vick leads the Eagles to the Georgia Dome to take on his old team. Despite the win, Vick did not have a brilliant game against the Rams last week.
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This week, Michael Vick leads the Eagles to the Georgia Dome to take on his old team. If you recall, the Falcons had the best record in football in 2010. And, despite the win, Vick did not have a brilliant game against the Rams last week. Well, other than this:

He looks like a greased pig. And the Rams look like the yokels trying to catch the pig.

The Eagles offensive line is a concern. And even though they lost to the Bears last week, the Falcons defense did record five sacks. On the other side of the ball, the Eagles defense against the run is a concern. And while the Falcons aren't exactly a power rushing team, they're in the top 1/3 of teams (well, at least so far this season).

Mike Vick remains a hugely popular figure in Atlanta -- I anticipate there will be plenty of red AND green #7 jerseys worn to the Georgia Dome on Sunday. And that has to count for something.


In the rest of the matchups:

Chiefs at Lions: Lions! Team of destiny! Also, the Chiefs appear to be f-ed. Yes, already.

Raiders at Bills: We may discover that last week was a fluke, but I think I'm going to have to go with the Bills, who utterly destroyed a 2010 playoff team last week.

Ravens at Titans: Ravens. They aren't going to go undefeated or anything, but they ARE going to go 2-0.

Jaguars at Jets: Jets. Just Jets. Nothing else to say.

Browns at Colts: Is Peyton playing? Actually, it doesn't even matter - the Browns lost to the BENGALS last week. I CANNOT pick them. Colts.

Cardinals at Redskins: Tough pick. The Redskins looked surprisingly good last week (admitted, against a Giants squad that's already at November levels of injury). Then again, I did pick the Cards to win their division. On the other hand, the division I picked them to win was NFC West. I couldn't decide, so I asked Chef Spouse. I quote: "I believe in Rex Grossman's ability to blow it." There you have it. Cardinals

Bucs at Vikings: Kills me to pick against Big5, and I do think things will go better than last week, but Buccaneers.

Packers at Panthers: Well, that's just not fair to the rookie. Packers.

Bears at Saints: I don't think the Bears can keep up with the scoring, and I don't think they can count on Drew Brees to make the kinds of mistakes Matt Ryan made last week (actually, I'm pretty sure Matty Ice won't make those kinds of mistakes again THIS week). Saints.

Seahawks at Steelers: Oh my God. The NFC West has to play NFC East and AFC North this year. Damn, that's a shame. Steelers. Even if, as Warren Sapp claims, they are old and slow at this point.

Cowboys at 49ers: I wish I could convince myself to call 49ers for this game, but I don't think Tony Romo's THAT much of a mess. Yet. Cowboys.

Chargers at Patriots: I know I picked the Chargers to win their division and the Pats to go wildcard, but the Chargers play in the west, y'all. Pats.

Bengals at Broncos: If the Broncos don't win this one, we'll be able to hear the yelling for Tim Tebow to start all the way on the East Coast. And I don't mean that in the metaphorical sense. So y'all better buy some earplugs, because I'm calling Bengals.

Texans at Dolphins: Texans all the way, baby!

Rams at Giants: Both teams are dealing with injuries, but I truly believe the Giants are the better team. Giants.

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