2011 Privacy Ins and Outs

To kickoff the New Year, the Future of Privacy Forum has released their first annual list of privacy ins and outs for 2011:

Out: Cookies (the tracking kind)
In: Cupcakes (sold in a mobile truck)

Out: FIPPS light
In: The full FIPPS

Out: Self-Regulation
In: Self-Regulation

Out: Boucher-Stearns Bill
In: _____________ Bill

Out: Buried Privacy Notices
In: Nutritional Label Privacy Notices

Out: No Practices Are Acceptable
In: Commonly Accepted Practices

Out: Privacy by Fortuity
In: Privacy by Design

Out: Only online data protected
In: Business cards in a fishbowl protected

Out: Global skepticism of US privacy commitment
In: Recognition of FTC in official global Data Protection Authority group

Out: "None of your business what data we have"
In: Access

Out: Do Not Regulate
In: Do Not Track

Out: Privacy Roundtables
In: Privacy Protections

Out: Marketing Department
In: Department of Commerce

Out: Deep Packet Inspection
In: Deep Concerns About Online Tracking

Out: Burqas
In: Full Body Scanners

Out: New Years' Privacy Resolutions
In: Telling everyone everything online

Out: "The Social Network"
In: Person of the Year

Wolf and Polonetsky are co-chairs of the Future of Privacy Forum, a think tank in Washington, DC that promotes responsible data practices.