2012 Election Coverage: The Biggest Moments From The Campaign

It's here at last.

Sometimes — maybe during the depths of the Republican primary, or after yet another one-day media frenzy — it seemed that the 2012 election campaign would never end. By Wednesday morning, though, it will all be over, and the vast majority of the random ephemera, the fleeting stories that flare up and fizzle out in the blink of an eye, will be instantly forgotten.

Remember when Andrew Breitbart hijacked Anthony Weiner's press conference? Or that insane email Newt Gingrich's spokesman sent? Or that whole Drudge-ABC News-Gingrich-open-marriage thing? Or when Ron Paul supporters started freaking out at CNN? Thought not.

Some things, however, linger. From the major to the minor, these are just a few of the events, scoops, trends, controversies and random fights we'll remember most from the media coverage of the 2012 campaign.

2012 Election Coverage: A Look Back