The Most Popular Movies On Netflix Right Now (March 23)

The coronavirus appears to be affecting what Netflix subscribers watch.
Morgan Lily and John Cusack in "2012."
Joe Lederer/Everett Collection
Morgan Lily and John Cusack in "2012."

The Mark Wahlberg Netflix movie “Spenser Confidential” has been the most popular movie on Netflix for three weeks in a row, according to Netflix’s new public ranking system.

Beyond the Wahlberg movie, Netflix subscribers seem intent on watching varying depictions of the world’s end days. Three of the films in the Top 10 this week involve existential events that threaten to destroy the human race. (And four if you count the alien invasion in “Space Jam.”)

The movie “2012,” about the Earth’s environment expiring, was the second most popular movie on the service. As with last week, the pandemic-centric movie “Outbreak” is still in the top ten as well.

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Ji Sub Jeong/HuffPost

NOTE: At the end of February, Netflix added a feature called “Top 10 in the U.S. Today.” The exact methodology behind these rankings remains unclear. But since Netflix has developed a reputation for not sharing viewership data, these rankings offer a rare glimpse into what subscribers are actually watching.

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