2012 Olympics Highlights: 5 Most Amazing London 2012 Moments From Teen Athletes

Teen athletes at the 2012 London Olympic Games weren't just winning gold medals, although young competitors took home their fair share. Amazing young members of Team USA were also breaking records, displaying incredible sportsmanship and exemplifying the meaning of teamwork.

When teary-eyed Katie Ledecky, 15, took the podium to receive her gold medal in the women's 800m freestyle, an emotional moment in Olympic history was made. The young swimmer cried as America's national anthem was played and she became the youngest gold medalist from Team USA in London. And when 17-year-old boxer Claressa Shields won gold -- after she overcame major obstacles to make it to the Games -- there weren't many dry eyes in the house.

There were countless inspiring moments of this Olympic Games, but to celebrate the event's big finale, we chose five of the most amazing victories from teen athlete this year. Check out the videos in the slideshow below to relive some of the summer's greatest sports moments.

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5 Most Amazing Teen Olympic Moments