My 2012 Predictions

Twenty years ago, a psychotherapist friend of mine well versed on the Kabbalah, compared cultures, and religions explained to me that the world alternates between times of light and times of darkness. According to my friend, as we move into a time of light it becomes harder to hide the truth and to keep knowledge and power in the hands of a few.

At the time of the conversation, I was a gullible twenty-something year old, the Internet was only starting to be available for private consumption, and nothing even resembling social media existed. The Berlin wall had just fallen, and the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movements were not even on the radar of possibilities.

Twenty years later, with the advance of technology and communications moving at a dizzying pace, when social movements, epidemics, and market collapses have become a global occurrence, suddenly my friend's words are starting to make sense.

Whether you believe in the concept of eras of light and darkness or not, I do think it's obvious that some sort of shift in global consciousness is taking place. So what do I think will happen in 2012, bar the end of civilization that some predict?

I think we will continue to force transparency in government and corporations and that the conversation about distribution of wealth is far from over. In fact, I think it's at its beginning stages.

I believe the Tea Party was the first step to a larger reform that will effectively end the two-party political system. I expect new parties will be formed to reflect the views of the 99% who don't feel properly represented by the current parties in power.

I also think that many Latino voters, tired of being played by politicians running for office who don't fulfill their campaign promises, will make sure to get stronger guaranties from their candidate this time around.

I believe more and more students will get involved in finding ways to reduce college debt and in passing the Dream Act, even if it takes going state by state.

And finally, I think 2012 will be a year where a lot more general market media will jump onto the English-media-for-acculturated-Hispanics bandwagon, and as a result, the healthy competition among platforms will positively impact quality and revenue.

The truth is that I'm not in the business of writing horoscopes for a reason. So I'll leave my list of predictions short, so fewer people can come back to me next year and tell me, "You see? You were wrong!"