The 2012 Ron Paul Family Cookbook: Paul Family Debuts Cookbook With 28 Recipes

The Ron Paul Family Cookbook

As Ron Paul busies himself vying for the presidential candidacy, his family is supporting his cause in another way: by writing a cookbook. The 2012 Ron Paul Family Cookbook features 28 recipes from the Paul family and friends, and can be yours for only $8 from the Ron Paul 2012 website. The cookbook description suggests using it "as one of the best campaign handouts you will ever find." In addition to recipes, the book also includes Carol Paul's history of the Paul family, titled, "The American Dream."

New York Magazine's Daily Intel blog has a (fake) exclusive look at some of the recipes. For example, the description for Grandma Paul's Special Meatloaf:

We would be infringing on your liberties as an individual if we tried to dictate to you exactly which ingredients make Grandma Paul's Special Meatloaf so delicious. Any intrusion into your private decisions, whether by overreaching federal government or by seemingly harmless recipe books, is odious and un-American!

No official word yet on whether the recipes are any good. The Paul family has a tradition of writing family cookbooks.

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