24 Halloween Costume Ideas That Scream 2013

Not sure what to be for Halloween this year? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Whether you want to parody the biggest news stories of the year, channel your favorite meme or pay tribute to the celebrities we love to hate, get inspired with our topical costume ideas for 2013 below.

Government Shutdown
Pick the national monument, park or facility of your choosing and throw a "Closed" sign on it. On the other hand, we're hoping this won't be quite as relevant come Oct. 31.
How do you dress up like a tornado, you ask? We'll leave that part up to you, but if you want to make it super topical you better have some sharks in there.
Pope Francis
Start with your traditional Pope garb, but finish with an LGBTQ-friendly twist.
Miley Cyrus At The VMAs
Once you get your hands on a foam finger and a plastic, flesh colored bikini, stick out your tongue and recruit a Footlocker employee to twerk on all night.
If you can find anything that even closely resembles what Kim wore to the 2013 Met Gala, you've got a winning costume on your hands. Baby North West optional.
"What Does The Fox Say?"
The most entertaining music video of 2013 has nothing to do with licking hammers and everything to do with dressing up like a fox who loves to dance.
Shark Cat
If you can get your hands on an adult-sized shark hoodie, throw on some cat-inspired face paint and you've got a costume. Baby duck and roomba optional.
Carlos Danger
Getty/HuffPost Comedy
Once you've got the "disgraced politician" look down, add whatever spicy accessories you want (like this fine mustache) to transform from Anthony Weiner to Carlos Danger.
Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis inspired women everywhere with her 11-hour filibuster this year. Now you can pay tribute by wearing pink running shoes with a smart skirt suit and refusing to stop talking until you get what you want.
The Royal Family
The perfect costume for good-looking couples who are also fond of blue clothing, you could also go in another direction and dress up as Prince George. Come on, we know you've always wanted to wear a diaper and a crown at the same time.
Walter White
Pay tribute to the end of one of the greatest TV dramas of all time with a "Hiesenberg" costume. All you really need is a pork pie hat, a nasty cough and a bag of blue rock candy to complete the look.
Feminist Taylor Swift
Add women's empowerment to your blonde wig and guitar to channel one of 2013's best parody twitter accounts.
Katy Perry "Roar"
Don't even act like you saw this video and didn't immediately want to be queen of the jungle. Grab leopard crop top and a grass skirt and run with it. Stuffed lion optional.
Edward Snowden
We all know at least ONE person who sort of looks like Edward Snowden. If you think you don't then it's probably you.
Spring Breakers
A lot of women already want to dress like it's Spring Break on Halloween, so why not make it more topical by getting a male friend to channel James Franco's character Alien? Once you've got the corn rows, guady shirt and extra long shorts down, all you really need is a grill.
Florida Man
This sad but true Twitter account also made us laugh in 2013. While there are many ways to channel "Florida Man," we're fond of the ol' marker-face-headshot version. Just be sure it's not a permanent marker.
2013 marked Bill Hader's exit from "Saturday Night Live" and with him went our favorite "Weekend Update" correspondent. Get the look by layering Ed Hardy Tees, wearing silver rings on both hands and constantly acting like you can't believe what you just said.
Red Equal Sign
Rememebr when the Human Rights Campaign's symbol for equality took over your social networks? Bring it back with a simple red and pink outfit for Halloween.
"300 Sandwiches" Couple
If you're an interracial couple who found this story to be absurd, boy do we have the costume for you! And we're not saying that you HAVE to carry hundreds of sandwiches around all night, but it wouldn't hurt.
Paula Deen
Once you've got your grey wig, flowy blouse and Southern drawl down, it's up to you to decide how much social commentary you want to add.
Grumpy Cat
Grab your cat ears, put on some makeup with the correct beige-to-brown ratio, sport a permanent scowl and you'll have Tard the cat's signature look.
Harlem Shakers
This one's pretty easy since it already involves a bunch of people wearing random costumes. You might want to bring a boombox around for maximum effect.
Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal
If you're already planning on dressing up as Ryan Gosling this year, ditch the "Hey Girl" angle for something a little more current. Just be sure to have cereal on hand to refuse all night.
Make A Dress Out Of Basketball Shorts
If all else fails, just make a fabulous dress out of basketball shorts. It's cheap, easy and surprisingly flattering on the guys.
Honey Boo Boo Dog

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