2013's Big Weird News Moments, Told In Photos

2013's Big Weird News Moments, Told In Photos

Sharks on sharks, the human-faced dog, a chicken-faced church — we could go on, and we will. Ahead, we bring you some of 2013's most photographable weird news moments, and say goodbye to a few of our favorite odd ones.

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8 Legs, 4 Heads, 2 Bodies
This stillborn calf born in New Zealand was born with with one head, two bodies, four ears and eight legs, likely the result of an incomplete divide of an egg.
The Longest Dreads You'll Ever See
Guinness World Record holder Asha Mandela appears on The View to show off her dreadlocks, the longest in the world. Her dreads were officially measured to be 19 feet, 6 inches long, but an unofficial measurement found one of the strands measured a whopping 55 feet, 7 inches.
World's Shortest Man?
Nepali villager Master Nau, 73, stands 16 inches tall and claims to be the shortest man in the Guinness World Records' immovable category, which measures people who can not walk. To obtain the distinction, Guinness officials will have to acknowledge his tiny feat. If he's named as the shortest man, he'll beat out his rival, a Taiwanese man who stands 27 inches tall.
R.I.P. World's Ugliest Dog
A New Jersey canine that was crowned the world's ugliest dog in 2007 and later became the topic of a children's book preaching acceptance died this year. The Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix named Elwood was 8. His owners said he died unexpectedly Thanksgiving morning.
Chicken-Faced Church
The roof of the Church by the Sea became an internet sensation when went viral when a photographer noticed that, from just the right angle, the structure's round windows look like eyes and its roofing tiles resemble wings and a beak. Tourists, reportedly by the hundreds, now line up to take pictures of the visage.
Shark in a Shark
Researchers at the University of Delaware's ORB LAB posted this photo of a shark within a shark on Facebook in late July. The lab members were using a small fish called a menhaden as bait to recapture sharks they had previously tagged. According to the Facebook post, a 3-foot-long shark known as a dogfish swam up and snatched the bait moments before a large female sand tiger shark swallowed the dogfish.
Legless Sportsman
Extreme sportsman Kevin Michael Connolly was born without legs. But that hasn't stopped him from doing way more than the average human — Connolly surfs, cliff dives, and even jousts on the new Travel Channel series, Armed & Ready.
A Giant Passes
Giant George, formerly the world's tallest dog according to Guinness World Records, passed away this October, one month away from his eighth birthday. With a staggering height of 43 inches, Giant George towered above most living things he came into contact with.
Goodbye, Long Friend
The world's longest domesticated cat, Stewie, measured more than 4 feet long from nose to tail. He died this February after a yearlong battle with cancer at eight years old.
Human-Faced Dog
Images of a dog named Tonik were shared roundly on the internet, after Gawker pointed out that the poodle-Shih Tzu mix available for adoption from an Indiana animal welfare agency has an "eerily humanoid" face.
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