2014 ForgotScars : Celebrating the Oscar Forgotten

This morning, I watched the Oscar nominations on ABC, and was so befuddled by the omissions I scratched my head, and then turned to my 2-year-old son, and scratched his. They were, in a word, jarring. Anyway, as I do each year, here's my list of nominees formed from the non-nominated. The Forgotscars date back 10 years, and I've listed them in numerous outlets. No one actually earns a "Forgotscar" -- it's just me giving props to those who didn't get any this morning. For shame, you sick, twisted little gold man (or Academy). Read on, and weigh in. No awards, just respect. And before I begin let me say for shame no Joaquin Phoenix!

Best Picture:
(I'll keep it to five)

August Osage County
Saving Mr. Banks
Lee Daniels' The Butler
Fruitvale Station

Best Actor:
Tom Hanks - Captain Phillips
Robert Redford All is Lost
Joaquin Phoenix Her
Michael B. Jordan Fruitvale Station
Hugh Jackman Prisoners

Best Actress
Emma Thompson Saving Mr. Banks
Brie Larson Short Term 12
Julie Delpy Before Midnight
Shailene Woodley The Spectacular Now
Kate Winslet Labor Day

Best Supporting Actor
Daniel Bruhl - Rush
James Gandolfini - Enough Said
Jeremy Renner American Hustle
Bobby Carnavale Blue Jasmine
Will Forte Nebraska

Best Supporting Actress
Oprah Winfrey - The Butler
Jennifer Garner - Dallas Buyers Club
Scarlett Johansson Her
Melissa Leo - Prisoners

Best Director
Paul Greengrass - Captain Phillips
Woody Allen - Blue Jasmine
Spike Jonze - Her
Ron Howard - Rush
Ryan Coogler- Fruitvale Station
Ben Affleck - Argo KIDDING