14 Destinations For Your 2014 Travel Bucket List

The new year is rapidly approaching and we're making resolutions and wish lists for the year of travel ahead.

If you crossed some adventures off your 2013 travel bucket list, surely you'll need some new additions. Check out these awesome, under-the-radar destinations you should add to your list for 2014.

Colmar, France
colmar france
Colmar is a medieval storybook town that looks like it's straight out of Beauty and the Beast. Charming canals, picturesque homes and delicious Alsatian wines make this the ideal French destination.

Ouro Preto, Brazil
ouro preto
Brazil will have a good year in 2014. Travelers will flock to major cities like Rio, Sao Paolo and Brasilia (among others) for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. We're not trying to say you shouldn't go to those cities. But once you've had your fill, check out Ouro Preto, a historic colonial mining town that's a bit more low-key than the big cities.

Kosrae, Micronesia
This magical little Pacific Island is filled with adventure. Untouched and undeveloped, Kosrae is a hot spot for ecotourism and sustainable travel. Lush greenery, the ancient stone city of Lelu and renowned scuba diving are just a few reasons to visit Kosrae.

Grand Rapids & Lake Michigan's Gold Coast
grand rapids michigan
Lonely Planet named Grand Rapids the top U.S. destination to check out in 2014. Grand Rapids has been voted the best beer city in America and boasts more than 25 craft breweries nearby. The city also has a lively art scene and tons of festivals. Thirty miles away, Lake Michigan's Gold Coast offers the prime location for an unexpected beach getaway with 300 miles of gorgeous waterfront.

Colca Canyon, Peru
colca canyon
Colca Canyon is often overshadowed by Machu Picchu, but it's certainly worthy of it's own visit. Colca Canyon is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and is surrounded by the Colca Valley, which has pre-Incan roots. The canyon also offers archeological wonders and an array of unique species (like the Andean Condor).

Virunga Mountains, East Africa
virunga national park
A chain of volcanoes in East Africa, the Virunga Mountains are as beautiful as they are exciting. The mountains span three countries -- Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda -- and are home to the critically endangered mountain gorilla. Virguna National Park, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo's section of the mountains, is the perfect place to explore this natural wonder.

Ikaria, Greece
A Greek island in the Aegean Sea, Ikaria has a rich history and even richer natural wonders. In Greek mythology, Ikaria is hailed as the birthplace of Dionysos, god of wine. You can still sample Ikaria's famous red wine today. The island is a place of such zen wonder, people there forget to die.

Banaue, Philippines
Banaue and it's signature rice terraces are a sight everyone needs to see. The rice terraces are mystifying and Banaue itself is the perfect affordable base, especially compared to other tourist spots in the Philippines.

Inchcolm Island, Firth of Forth, Scotland
inchcolm island
The island of Inchcolm is home to one of Scotland's best-preserved medieval treasures, Inchcolm Abbey. After checking out the abbey, explore the island's natural habitat and wildlife.

Lombok is a destination for adventure-craving nature lovers, but it truly is a destination with something for everybody. Lombok is located in Nusa Tenggara, an arc of Indonesian islands that stretch toward Northern Australia. Stunning blue waters are a favorite of surfers, lush greenery and volcanoes draw hikers and explorers, and white sand beaches encourages all visitors to relax and get tan.

Yukon, Canada
We know... Yukon? But seriously, Yukon is where you should be going if you're looking for adventure, wilderness and a lack of overpopulation. Yukon is largely untouched and is a welcome escape from everyday life for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. Visitors can climb Canada's five tallest mountains, explore the eclectic vibe of Dawson city and taken an unparalleled canoe trip down the Yukon River.

Charleston, South Carolina
charleston south carolina
With great food, beautiful beaches and tons of Southern charm, Charleston, South Carolina, is a must-visit American destination. The city is rich in both history and buttery biscuits topped with fried chicken. That should be reason enough to go.

Tasmania, Australia
Australia is an awesome country, for many reasons. Most tourists are drawn to the mainland cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. An island off the southern coast of Australia, Tasmania was once thought of as an isolated wilderness. The island is now an easily accessible wonderland. Explore wildlife at Narawntapu National Park, go bushwalking, climb Cradle Mountain, traverse the Huon Valley -- there's no shortage of adventure.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
colonia del sacramento
Uruguay has been in the news a lot lately for becoming the first country to legalize marijuana trade. The spotlight will likely draw tourists, so why not get in on the fun? Colonia del Sacramento is a picturesque town that also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wander Barrio Histórico, visit the city's museums and make sure to get in some quality beach time.

Let us know what's on your 2014 travel bucket list in the comments!

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