2014: Why This Year Is Different

01/22/2014 11:17am ET | Updated March 24, 2014
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Change is inevitable, and it isn't easy. Right now it is happening on a more accelerated and grander scale than ever before. It is requiring each and every one of us to choose wisely in our thoughts and our actions in order to create that which we truly wish to become, not just experience more of the same. Opportunities abound to affect great change in our lives and in our world, and many more of us are up to the challenge.

We have entered into a state of renewed awareness, of healing our emotional connections with ourselves and one another, and of human evolution wherein our understanding of life and the Universe is expanding.

Let us take a closer look at how we are profoundly changing, individually and as a collective, in this new year of 2014...

1) A Time of Awareness

Now, more than ever, we are trusting ourselves and our natural senses to know what is true and what is right. We are not relying on what our leaders tell us if it does not resonate in our hearts.

Those working toward self-awareness and a connection with their Higher Selves have more choices and options than those who still hold "victim" or "me" mentality. As each of us more fully develop our "I Am Presence," we discover we are victims of no one and a part of all that is.

We are recognizing how important it is for our actions to speak for us. We are much more cognizant of not putting energy behind things that don't matter. We are more focused on cultivating in ourselves the qualities that we admire -- kindness, compassion, joy, and so on. This year is about radiating personal integrity, becoming the change we wish to see, and walking the talk in confidence. This is the year many feel strongly about going on a negativity diet -- surrounding themselves with what they want to see, setting their intention every day, and being open to receiving. In our souls, we know there is no lack and no limit to what we can accomplish.

We are becoming mindful of where we spend our time and money. We see that companies will not change their ways if there is no incentive to do so. More and more companies are now doing business with the planet and the good of humanity as a focus. Other new companies are sprouting up everywhere that have been built upon an idea to contribute to the good of all.

We have become more empowered and are taking charge of our lives. Acknowledgement that one's inner self is truth, not the external world, is an underlying theme that is getting stronger and stronger. Striving to make a connection to one's heart and soul, and creating harmony with one's Higher Self in order to better ourselves and our planet, is where many are gravitating.

2) A Time of Healing

We are realizing how important it is now to take the time to heal any sadness, unforgiveness, resentment, fear, regret, etc. that we have been hanging onto. Anything still on your mind from the past that is upsetting to you, means it is not healed. Learn what you can from the past. Release it and expect different, and it will be. See the gift in each experience. It would not be there if it were not to help you grow.

We are clearing out old energies at this time. So, if you have been rather irrational or moody lately -- frazzled, exhausted, grumpy -- for maybe days at a time, then you are getting rid of lower vibrational energy that has been on your body for a very long time. It may be triggered by something or someone in particular, or it may feel like your emotions are out of control for no apparent reason. Even if it means having a major meltdown or crying in bed and sleeping for an entire day... release, release, release! However, do your best to not affect others as much as possible. They probably don't need you having an emotional breakdown all over them. They're more than likely dealing with their own old energy. You don't need to take it out on them. Your letting go of anger does not mean inflicting harm on another! All this is, is a "personal emotional storm." So when you find yourself in the middle of one, recognize it for what it is -- a release of old energy that no longer serves your higher purpose at this time -- and wait the storm out. Afterwards, you will most definitely be lighter and happier than you were before the chaos. As you learn why you are feeling the way you are, you will heal those emotions. Through this process, you are accepting responsibility and being accountable for who you are and how that shapes the world around you.

3) A Time of Creative Expression

There is a need among us to find new insights and creative solutions to improve our world and to gather together with those of similar energy and like minds. This coming together of positive people exuding positive energy is a powerful force.

As an example, I've set up a teen reading contest at that gives kids a chance to express themselves creatively and win prizes for themselves and their schools and libraries. I have been absolutely amazed by the submissions flooding in from students all over the country! They are beautiful, heartfelt expressions from our young people at this very special time in their lives. Their work exhibits a plethora of natural talents just waiting to emerge and be nurtured. Our kids are finding ways to use their gifts for the good of all and the planet. They are coming forward and putting themselves out there, believing that it is safe to feel empowered and to use their abilities to make life better for themselves and others. It is their birthright. They know the power and ability to transform the world lies within.

We are not alone. As human beings, we know instinctively that we have entered a time of learning to use our skills to create a better world and to have faith in ourselves that our dreams will manifest.

4) A Time of Evolution

If you feel like you have little or no tolerance for negative people or negative situations, that they grate on your nerves like nails on a chalkboard, don't think you are being unsympathetic or uncaring. Many people are vibrating so much higher now than these lower vibrational frequencies that it feels uncomfortable to be around them. Being drawn to positive people and situations and repelled by negative ones is about trusting your intuition. If something doesn't feel right and doesn't resonate with you, then you don't need to give it your energy and attention... it's okay.

Traditions and viewpoints are changing. The greater consciousness is evolving. We are taking our power back as a collective. This is the time that defines who we are becoming. It is a time of monumental growth. Our job is to use our lives as positive examples to help others be brave enough to take the steps that lead to growth for all of humanity.

2014 is a year of profound transition and transformation for us as human beings and for the planet on which we live. Listening for guidance from our hearts and souls as a way of being is becoming a normal way of being for all. Many of us now recognize that those living in the old energies cannot take anything away from us. Our power comes from within, not from outside somewhere, and is not beyond our reach.

Now is the time to reawaken our natural knowingness and explore opportunities to move beyond what has been. It is palpable. You can feel the energy of it. Our clear intentions to make the world a better place is bringing about many changes; the greatest of which is humanity's shift into a glorious new age of being...