6 Conferences in Fall 2015 That Will Make You, Your Company, and Our World Better

The ensuing conference season in Fall 2015 will be full of discussions, ideas, and networking for anyone interested in contributing to building a better world free of poverty.
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The last few months of 2015 will be historic months. It is the beginning of the end of poverty as we know it, and it'll start when the United Nations ratifies its Sustainable Development Goals: Goal #1: "End poverty in all its forms everywhere".

The ensuing conference season in Fall 2015 will be full of discussions, ideas, and networking for anyone interested in contributing to building a better world free of poverty. To do so, we'll have to work together to improve ourselves, our companies, and our united efforts. The following events will help you do all three.

Conferences That Make YOU Better

These conferences are focused on helping you build skills, networks, and career opportunities that will help you make a positive impact.
This is the 23rd Net Impact conference. A place where student and professional leaders will come together to tackle the world's toughest social and environmental problems. The challenges we face are complex, and it's time to come together and create innovative solutions. It's time to suit up, push your limits, and leave it all on the field. Game on! Learn more
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Conferences That Make COMPANIES Better

These conferences are focused on helping companies leverage their resources to make the world better, and improve their own brands and bottom lines in the process.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation 2015 Corporate Citizenship conference theme is Connect the Dots: How Businesses Solve Global Challenges Locally. This year's conference will focus on how businesses build engagements that align local impact to global strategy and will showcase successful business examples.


Founded in 2009, SUSTAINATOPIA remains one of the leading events in the world for social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact. Attendees have participated from more than 60 countries. Consisting of both a mega-conference and a broad-ranging Festival, SUSTAINATOPIA brings together the global ecosystem of social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact like no other singular event.
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Conferences That Make OUR WORLD Better

These conferences are "systems" conferences, focused on bringing together public, private, civic, and volunteer stakeholders around the table to great system changes.
SOCAP15 will convene leading impact investors, world-class entrepreneurs, and innovative cross-sector practitioners on October 6-9 for three full days of networking and engaging content at the intersection of money and meaning. Learn more about SOCAP
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In 2015, the United Nations will launch the Sustainable Development Goals, providing the foundation for action to solve some of the world's most difficult challenges. This as a tremendous opportunity to harness the capabilities of the private, public, and social sector, catalyzing and accelerating action to make progress against these goals. The Global Engagement Forum on November 10-12, 2015 will bring together leaders and organizations from across the three sectors to discuss how best to partner and move from aspiration to achievement.



This annual conference is well known and well respected for convening the international development community on the west coast, including NGO practitioners, CSR business executives, research experts, philanthropists, and others working on global issues. Conference sessions will highlight successful partnerships, groundbreaking innovations, and productive failures within global development.

In Summary (in chronological order):

What conferences did I miss?

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