44 Pop Culture Moments To Get Excited About In 2015

Amy Poehler And Tina Fey's (Last) Golden Globes Monologue (Jan. 11)
tina fey amy poehler golden globes
Farewell, greatest Golden Globes hosts of all time!

"Parks And Recreation" Final Season (Jan. 13)

Say goodbye to Pawnee, waffles and Ron Swanson.

"Broad City" Season 2, (Jan. 14)

Vape life.

"The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore" (Jan. 19)
larry wilmore
Finally! Larry Wilmore gets his own show.

Sleater Kinney's First Album In 10 Years (Jan. 20)
sleater kinney
The original Riot Grrls are back to release "No Cities To Love."

"Shadows In The Night" by Bob Dylan (Feb. 3)
bob dylan concert
Dude hasn’t made enough albums.

"Better Call Saul" Series Premiere (Feb. 9)
better call saul
"Breaking Bad" fans are freaking the eff out.

"Fresh Off The Boat" Series Premiere (Feb. 10)

Give Randall Park all the punchlines.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" (Feb. 13)
50 shades of grey

"House Of Cards" Season 3 (Feb. 27)

Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is now the most powerful man in the free world and we’re terrified.

"Rebel Heart" by Madonna (March 10)
madonna concert
A little leak won't stop this one.

"Goon" by Tobias Jesso Jr. (March 17)

Get ready to sob.

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" (March 20)
unbreakable kimmy schmidt
Ellie Kemper stars in Tina Fey’s Netflix sitcom about a woman who moves to New York City after escaping a Doomsday cult. Yes please.

"The Divergent Series: Insurgent" (March 20)
You have to learn about factions again.

"Furious 7" (April 3)
furious 7
Please give us all of the tickets for this one.

"Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron" (May 1)
avengers age of ultron
The return of Science Bros! (And also the best superhero franchise.)

"Mad Max" (May 15)

Hahaha, okay, you win, crazy movie.

"Pitch Perfect 2" (May 15)
pitch perfect 2

Taylor Swift's "1989" Tour (May 20)
taylor swift
Sure, we’ll pay good money to watch Taylor Swift sing “Style”... and “Wonderland”... and “Bad Blood” … and “Clean”... and, uh, every song on this album.

"Tomorrowland" (May 22)
The movie that got George Clooney to spend part of his honeymoon with a bunch of nerds.

Marvel's "Daredevil" On Netflix (May)
marvels daredevil
Charlie Cox plays the lawyer by day, crime fighter by night. (Nope, not the same thing.)

"Entourage" Movie (June 5)


"Jurassic World" (June 12)
jurassic world
Hold onto your butts, because Chris Pratt fights dinosaurs in this movie.

"Inside Out" (June 19)

Amy Poehler plays the emotion "Joy." Full stop.

"Paper Towns" (June 19)

John Green’s second novel-to-movie is less teen cancer love story than “Fault In Our Stars,” but it’s bound to have some solid ugly cry-potential.

"Magic Mike XXL" (July 1)
steven soderbergh magic mike
Just going to leave an old picture of "Magic Mike" here, because you get the idea.

"Terminator: Genisys" (July 1)

If the last two decades has proved anything, it's that Arnold Schwarzenegger will literally always be back.

"Ant-Man" (July 17)
Yes, we will see a superhero movie starring Paul Rudd.

"Trainwreck" (July 17)
judd apatow amy schumer
Judd Apatow made a movie with Amy Schumer.

"The Fantastic Four" (Aug. 7)
miles teller michael b jordan
These guys made a superhero movie.

"Spectre" (Nov. 6)
james bond
Hello again, Mr. Bond.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" (Nov. 20)
hunger games mockingjay part 1
We already miss Katniss.

"Sisters" (Dec. 18)
amy tina
Our favorite movie of 2015.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (Dec. 18)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ...

Plus, these undated gems

Kendrick Lamar's Sophomore Album
kendrick lamar
We want this album now.

New Music From Kanye West
kanye west
This one too.

Rihanna's New Album
Uh, yeah. And this one.

"True Detective" Season 2
true detective
Colin Farrell + Vince Vaughn + Taylor Kitsch + Rachel McAdams = #TrueDetectiveSeason2

"Late Show With Stephen Colbert"
stephen colbert
But who is Stephen Colbert?

"Parenthood" Series Finale
parenthood nbc
All we know is this: There will be tears.

"Game of Thrones" Season 5
game of thrones show scene
Jon Snow knows nothing. Winter is coming. All men must die. Fun stuff goin’ up over in Westeros.

Lana Del Rey And Courtney Love's Tour
courtney love lana del rey
This will be bananas.

"Mad Men" Series Finale
mad men don draper
Goodbye, Don Draper.

Adele's New Album
adele grammys
It was a rough year. We deserve more Adele.



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