2015: The Year We Stopped Putting Up With Your Shit

How are elite businessmen supposed to continue to fill their private prisons with poor and working class people of color, mostly blacks, if that system is challenged and dismantled? It's ludicrous!
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Let's face it, 2015 has been a tough year so far for a certain group of people in American society. Racism, police brutality, legalized marijuana, Internet backlash, LGBT rights, the fight for equality -- these are just some of the tough issues they've had to put up with. Yes, it's definitely been a tough year for racist, homophobic and generally ignorant, bigoted assholes, and it doesn't seem like it's going to get any easier for them.

Just look at the things that are happening all over the country. Black people are recording police officers who treat them like animals, have zero respect for their bodies and lives and are making these videos go viral, exposing a systematic problem within the police industrial complex. How dare they! How are racist police officers supposed to get away with killing, disrespecting, harassing and terrorizing people of color if they're going to later be held accountable for it? Black men, women and children and their non-black allies are taking to the streets all over the place marching and protesting against a militarized police force that specifically targets them for either death, or as cash cows for a privatized prison industrial complex.

How are elite businessmen supposed to continue to fill their private prisons with poor and working class people of color, mostly blacks, if that system is challenged and dismantled? It's ludicrous! And they even have this awful offensive slogan: Black Lives Matter. What kind of nonsense is that? White people and other general ignoramuses can't even go on TV and say racist, awful and bigoted things anymore without being crucified by online activism and social media.
How dare anyone ask celebrities, news anchors, talk show hosts, athletes, and even politicians to take responsibility for making sweeping racist or bigoted generalizations or ask that they consider their words carefully before opening their mouths? White reality stars and entertainers who ape the aesthetics and mannerisms of people of color like costumes are being called out and taken to task for cultural appropriation, and that's supposed to be ok? Careers are being destroyed over this! Won't someone think of Iggy Azalea?

And these damn hippies with their drugs! Marijuana is evil. Everybody knows that. God made it illegal. You can't pay attention to multiple scientific studies that have proven tangible, demonstrative medicinal benefits of a plant that at some point in history grew naturally out of the ground. Marijuana causes nearly 75,000 deaths a year! Cirrhosis, auto accidents, depression, suicide... oh wait.. .well that doesn't matter. Jesus hates marijuana.

There are actually women out there in America right now who are demanding to be paid equally for the same work as men. And on top of that they want to be able to decide for themselves what to do with their own bodies! It's insane! The only people who should be able to decide how much money women make and what they do with their vaginas are old rich white men. That's just common sense.

And let's not even get started on the gays. Those pesky, persistent and ever-so-enterprising gays! How dare they demand that the laws in the "land of the free" where "all men are created equal" treat them the same as everyone else. Don't they know that being different in any way from straight and white is wrong? And now there are black transgender actresses on the cover of magazines sold in every grocery store, and a transgender woman with her own reality show on a major cable network? Cable networks are supposed to be for old white men and younger blond white women to complain about how there's an attack on Christianity and how all Muslims are terrorists and want to kill everyone everywhere! It doesn't matter that ISIS has killed less Americans than crazy white guys with legally purchased military-grade weapons! Everyone! Everywhere!

Yes, 2015 has been rough and the times really are changing. And what are all these racist, bigoted and ignorant people supposed to do? Just sit around and let ethnic and social minorities demand to be treated like human beings? Just twiddle their thumbs until these heathens create a society where people treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of the differences between us? That sounds like hell on earth, and they're making Jesus cry. Think about that. For shame!

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