2015 U.S. Best Ranked Cities for Hotels

Arizona leads the 2015 Best Ranked Cities list with cities in first and third place, but it's Florida that dominates with three cities in the Top 10 and a total of nine in the Top 50.
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You don't have to sacrifice quality in order to pay less for a hotel, and to make sure that you're staying in the best rooms available while still paying the ideal price, hotel search trivago.com has compiled America's Top 50 Cities for quality accommodation. Combining and averaging hotel ratings for every city in America with at least 50 hotel properties, and aggregating hotel ratings from 31 websites, trivago's list of Top 50 Best Ranked Cities for Hotels will help travelers of all types sleep stress-free during their 2015 adventures.


Breaking Down 2015's US Best Ranked Cities for Hotels

Arizona leads the 2015 Best Ranked Cities list with cities in first and third place, but it's Florida that dominates with three cities in the Top 10 and a total of nine in the Top 50.

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2015's Best Ranked city for quality hotels, with an average hotel rating of 84.3%, is a scenic respite from the hectic pace of city life. Sedona's cooler temperature makes it a haven from the rest of Arizona's blistering heat, and lets adventurers hike red rock canyons, slide or wade along Oak Creek in Slide Rock State Park, and explore the surrounding Verde Valley all year long.

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Phoenix (#48) may be in the spotlight as it hosts the Seahawks v. Patriots NFL championship, but it's Scottsdale, Arizona -- an artistic haven just 20 minutes away -- that takes bronze with an average hotel rating of 82.9%.

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Everything is coming up roses in sunny Florida, as the state nabs a record number of cities on both the Best Ranked Hotels and Best Value Indexes for 2015. Just steps away from the untamed Everglades, Naples takes the number two spot with an overall hotel rating of 83% and boasts chic shopping and a world-class beach.

The palm-lined streets of Key West (#6) follow close behind, with an average hotel rating of 82.7% and an easygoing island culture shaped by Bahamian wreckers and a Cuban heritage -- not to mention a Jimmy Buffet Martaritaville state-of-mind.

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Voted the 2014 "Friendliest City" by Condé Nast Traveler, Charleston (#5) proves that Southern hospitality is alive and thriving with an average hotel rating of 82.8%. Travelers searching for more Antebellum charm or craving Cajun cuisine should venture just outside of our Top 10 to Savannah, Georgia (#15) and New Orleans, Louisiana (#16), whose respective average hotel ratings of 81.3% and 81.2% will not disappoint.

Perennial favorite Lake Buena Vista takes the number eight slot with an average hotel rating of 82.5%, narrowly beating out the other family-friendly favorite Santa Fe (#9) at 82.3%. Santa Fe's renowned New Mexican cuisine, legendary art scene, and 1.5 million miles of unspoiled Rio Grande will give your family plenty of options, while a visit to Lake Buena Vista's Walt Disney World and Epcot theme parks are sure to keep everyone entertained.

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Finally, rounding out the Top 10 are some of America's most storied, historically significant, and largest metropolises with Chicago (#4), Washington D.C. (#7), and Boston (#10). A visit to Washington's Lincoln Memorial or Boston's infamous harbor is an amazing opportunity to stand amongst American history, and it's basically the law (or should be) that visitors to the Midwest can't possibly go home without trying a three-inch high slice of Chicago deep-dish pizza.

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