2015, You Were Ok. 2016, I Expect Great Things.

I'm writing this on Sunday evening sitting on my sofa. I've been wondering where the time has gone? Just now it was summer. I'm sure of it! It was right here, I can still taste the strawberries! We're experiencing an exceptionally warm December and it really doesn't ring any Christmas bells. By the end of the year, it all still feels a lot. 2015. Many changes. Many hurts. Growth.

I've been challenged this year a lot. My personal life went through a whirlwind, I had a change of heart where I wanted to work and how. I found a strong sense of meaning in work life. I re-connected with my inner self and forgave a lot. Still, I'm looking to get stronger, better and most of all, happier. What I am is enough, but my skills, my behavior, my attitude, that's something to work on. And that work never stops.

I'm at a point where I would like to hear some advice, broaden my perspective and exchange thoughts. Any takers?

Jolly Holidays, let's enjoy ourselves.