2016: Obama's America Is Propaganda as Entertainment

There is a documentary playing in theaters now titled 2016: Obama's America. This is a purely anti-Obama film and makes no pretensions of being otherwise. It is based on the book The Roots of Obama's Rage by Dinesh D'Souza, and the film features the author as the narrator of the story. He is also shown as an investigator/interviewer.

The movie traces Obama's background from his birth to the present, with emphasis on the people and places that formed his views. His father's life in Kenya is explored and one of Obama's half brothers is interviewed. There are no interviews with Obama in the film but there are quotes and references to his words in Dreams From My Father

There are no questions raised as to Obama's birthplace. It is stated as being Hawaii and is said to have been announced in local newspapers. There is however the issue of whether or not Obama's father was divorced from his first wife when he married Obama's mother. The makers of this movie assert he was not divorced.

A lot is made of Obama's adoption of anti-colonialism feelings. He saw evidence of what colonialism had done in Kenya and even in his native state of Hawaii. The movie asserts these feelings are evidenced in the policies he has promoted during his first term as president.

The film is well made and is crafted to hold the audience's attention. Those who are already anti-Obama will cling to every frame of film and every reference that supports their feelings about the man. Those who are pro-Obama will be enraged by what they will see as a slanted view of the man and his policies.

The main flaw in the film is its lack of balance. There is no attempt to show "the other side" of any issue. This is a movie with a message and a purpose, neither of which are intended to show a different interpretation of the facts submitted. For those who are not committed either way it does provide some food for thought.

2016: Obama's America is a propaganda piece. It is perfectly timed to reach audiences during the frenzy of the Republican Convention. For those who are looking for further proof that Obama has to be defeated, the facts in this film will be like manna from Heaven. For those who are pleased with the job the president is doing and still find him the only one who can deliver "Hope and Change" this movie will be considered a worthless piece of trash.

Republicans anticipate this movie will feed the faithful and raise questions with the undecided. Movies and other forms of entertainment have done this in the past. Whether or not 2016" Obama's America will is the big question.

I scored 2016: Obama's America a partisan 6 out of 10.

Jackie K Cooper