2017 Best 12 Hotel Booking services sites

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Are you confused in deciding which website you should be using for booking the best hotel? Don’t worry you are at right place, as we know that choosing your best stay is very difficult task. Hotels are from your home which is away from your home and you need all the amenities just like your home. While booking Hotels, you need to take of certain things like comforts, lowest price, and beautiful attractions nearby your hotel room. So, to fulfill all your amenities, you need a website that provides you with a stay with all requirements. As we know that Hotel booking websites work as virtual travel agents which help you to get down on your list which perfectly suits your requirements.

There are certain features that should be taken care off while booking from any hotel booking sites.

  • Every Hotel Booking sites should have the search filtration options, which let you search for the most popular hotels, Hotels with cheaper rates, Hotels star rating, location search options and much more.
  • The websites should include travel packages, flight booking, vacation rentals and last minute deals.

There are various websites that will have all above features and are working as an independent hotel booking sites. So booking your hotels with the help of these mentions top websites will save your surfing time and money. So have a quick look to some of these best hotels booking websites.


Hotel Booking using the Booking.com website includes the best-specialized hotel accommodation with offers best deals. It offers the various deals such as vacations rentals, hostels, and bed and breakfast services. The customers who have booked their stay with using this booking.com website have rated as the highest degree satisfaction with providing the comfortable stay, fine location, and they also take care of the various amenities as demanded by the customer. Booking.com mainly focuses on the requirements of the clients and tries to search the hotels as quickly as possible.


If you’re looking for the top hotel booking sites then booking with using website Hotels.com can resolve your problem. Booking with this website can save you more than 40% of the hotel actual rate of the room. Hotels.com comes with frequent rewards. Using the rewards points you can earn the free night’s at the most popular hotels along with comfortable rooms and services. Hotels are providing amazing discounts to the regular customers who are travelling for the business trip, for a conference, vacation every year and for the parties.


Booking hotel rooms with Hotwire.com can give you the affordable stay, as it comes with filtered searched options and stays with you until you book the room you demanded. Hotwire.com will allow you to displays the photos of the rooms, view the neighborhood locations, and check ratings and reviews of customers. You can grab the opportunity to have great deals and numerous other rewards. Get ready to plan your trip and spend your vacation with staying in your favorite hotels at very cheaper and in budget rates. As Hotwire.com comes with powerful filtering tools that help you in booking your stay as comfortable as you required.


Booking with HoldInn.com is very easy as it provides the user-friendly website and gives you the best searches. They filter the hotels according to the customers’ requirements and do the booking in right way. The Website of the HoldInn.com works best if you’re not near to the computer, you can book your stay using a Website. The Website gives notifications about the latest rates, deals and packages. If you need a last-minute reservation, don’t hesitate to book your hotels with signing into HoldInn.com and enjoy all the amenities.


Expedia.com is the very user-friendly site that allows users to make national as well as international hotel booking. It comes with deals like flights, rental cars, cruises, and other hotel activities. Special services are also provided for the guests who are disabled if they require any kind of help. Expedia.com has provided a special feature as like pay later, as the hotel will not charge you until you start your stay.


Travelocity.com has over 140,000 hotels worldwide with the discounted rates. Not only this, Travelocity will allow the customers to book their flights, cruises, car rentals and do various activities. It comes with filtered searches like prices, hotel class booking, locations, and other various hotel amenities. Feel free to book with using Travelocity site and make sure you check the final date of booking.


Priceline.com is a hotel booking website that serves 1000 of guests every day. This site gives the travelers the chance on how they can track the best deals and discounts; even if the customer book at the last minute. Not only in hotel booking, also, save on airfares, car rentals and other vacation package trips. it will allow the customers to name your own price system, where the user can name their price for the airline, hotel booking, and other booking. It guarantees to offer the lowest price on everything you book from this site.


Orbitz.com is a hotel booking site which offers the best deals and rewards programs. With using this rewards point’s user can get free night stay in the hotel rooms they require. They offer an Orbitz Visa Card which can be further used for the future points and discounts availability.


Tripadvisor.com is the world’s largest online hotel booking site for the travelers. There are over 300 million users who have given their reviews, opinions and shown supports to this site. You will find best price guaranteed when booking your hotel with using tripadvisor.com. The customers will be offered a complementary travel guides rental listings and other travel related advice using the website.


Agoda.com is one of the top fastest growing online platforms for online hotel booking. It comes with 38 different languages and provides 24/7 services to the customers. Agoda.com is also a part of Priceline Group, world leader online travel and other related services. It is a huge site which comes with customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and revenue. You can also choose for the loyalty program which comes with every booking, so booking with this is very simple, easy and beneficial.


Taking care of all customers’ requirements, these hotels have prepared their website accordingly. With booking hotels with using these websites will meet customers’ needs as these websites have been ranked in the top list of best-booking sites.

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