2017 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster


What better way to start our 2017 than in one of the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 supercar. You've probably already guessed it by looking at the title, the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster. It so happens to be the coolest roadster on the market featuring a fire breathing 750hp, a hard top roof that comes off manually in.... let's hear it, two minutes! and seats that remind you of sitting at your old wooden bench in primary school, the carbon fibre bucket seats installed in this SV jolt back childhood memories.


The aesthetics are second to none on this car. Here we have a vehicle that resembles a fighter jet, the angles cut ever so sharply, the LED lights just beam pure evil, the spoiler provides some insane down force and that single clutch gearbox, it just screams, "I'm here and to bring you pain". Changing gears feels like receiving whiplashes for committing something that was illegal followed by a neck breaking 50 millisecond gearshift that sends the biggest bang through your nervous system. This Lamborghini knows all the tricks, it takes exhilaration to an all new high.


Automobili Lamborghini have provided us with one of the rawest naturally aspirated supercars on the market. It retains a classic mechanical feel to its drive experience while also possessing the brawn vigour we've come to love from the Aventadors. Just like the champion Spanish bull it was named after, the Aventador's V12 6.5 litre, and insanely brilliant, motor will be forever remembered as one of the greatest sounding, pain enduring, fire flame throwing engines in history.

Without further to do, let me introduce to you, the 2017 Aventador SV Roadster by clicking on the link below.

Wriiten by Lecha Khouri at Supercar Advocates in Sydney, Australia.

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