2017 Summer Must Have Fashion/Beauty & More

Summer is here and you’re preparing for a week long stay at the beach. What to pack you ask? Below is a list of recent finds you shouldn’t do without!


UVO – Nothing says a long day at the beach like a sunburn. UVO takes SPF protection to another level. Instead of applying sunscreen directly to your skin, grab a bottle of UVO and drink your SPF. It protects you from the inside out!

HELEN KNOWS BEST – Protecting your face from the suns rays important, even on cloudy days. Check out the Extreme Weather sunscreen (SPF 30) by Helen Knows Best. This product protects your skin from UVA-UVB rays, is made with natural and organic ingredients , handcrafted and made only in small batches.

SKIN AUTHORITY MOISTURIZING MIST - The heat will dehydrate your skin fast. Toss this great spray in your bag to reduce irritation and puffiness. It moisturizes dry skin and delivers nutrients and vitamins your body craves.

RAW ELEMENTS OUTDOOR LIP RESCUE – Did you know our lips need protection from the sun? Raw Elements 30 Lip Rescue is all natural, water resistant and blocks UVA/UVB rays all day. Your lips will thank you!

NATURES GATE SUNLESS TANNER – If you are fair skinned and burn easily (or just don’t want to risk skin cancer) perhaps a sunless tanner is for you. Get that healthy glow without damaging your skin!

PINCH & CARRY WATER BOTTLE – Your body is already dehydrated by the time you feel thirsty. Keep the fluids flowering with this great water bottle that gives back by partnering with Water.org

BEAUTY BAKERIES SUGAR LIP SCRUB – Not only do your lips need protection, but they need hydration and to be exfoliated. Check out this great lip scrub to keep your lips kissable!

BOUDOIR HAIR – Heat and humidity make for a lot of bad hair days. Celebrity hair stylist Gregg Giannillo created a great anti-frizz serum to tame your tresses. Hello gorgeous!


ARCTIC COOL – Whatever your summer activities are, Arctic Cool will keep you comfortable when outdoors. Their activewear offers cooling technology to help keep your comfortable when out in the heat. When your body begins to sweat, the material begins to cool.

LISA BATTAGLIA – A great hat has many functions. It can be a fun way to pull together an outfit, and keep you cool on a clear blue day. It also helps keep the sun from burning your forehead, nose and ears along with hiding a bad hair day. Visit Lisa Battaglia to find the perfect hat for your summer trip.

MOTHER TRUCKER & CO –The name of this brand alone was cause to check out their line of hats. Check out “What’s Up Beaches?” to find the perfect beach brim.

ISABELLA ROSE – The search for the perfect swimsuit is over. Isabella Rose has a stylish array of swimsuits for a great swim in the ocean or the perfect look for lounging by the pool at Chateau Marmont

RHONE – Creating apparel for the active man. Their Bulldog tanks caught my attention when I read they’re infused with gold to help wick sweat and dry faster. Their hem quote is great too: Never, Never, Never Give Up!

SURF SOULEIL – If you’ve got your sites set on surfing this summer, or want to play in the ocean without worrying about sunscreen, check out Surf Souleil’s line of rash guards complete with UPF 50 protection!


KOHLS – I love a bright, whimsical towel. Kohls has a great array to choose from. This round watermelon towel was my fave!

EMMA LOMAX – Nothing says “lets go to the beach” like a fun beach bag. This fun Emma Lomax bag had me at ice cream.

COCO & BREEZY – My future’s so bright, I gotta wear Coco & Breezy limited edition shades for CÎROC Vodka’s Summer Colada. Yassssss

ISLIDE – As seen on Shark Tank...Put your heels and your kicks away. Summer is made for sandals. iSlide is an amazing company that lets you personalize your own sandals. Pick a graphic or add custom text to make your style your own.


FLOATS ANYONE? Gone are the days of noodles and donuts. Bring on the flamingos and unicorns! Kohls had an amazing array of giant inflatable rafts that will bring out the kid in anyone!

If you see yourself on a yacht this summer, check out this great float by Funboy Floats

NESO TENTS – Cool off under this lightweight, portable sunshade. Easy to carry and has UPF 50+ for your protection.


Finally, if you enjoy trying out great new products, the folks at FabFitFun have a fantastic summer box in store for you. Subscribe using their discount code of YESYES and get 30% off their summer box!!

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