2017 the Year of Connection

There’s is a theory, that ever since the Big Bang, the Universe has been attempting to pull itself back together. Love it! Super interesting, right? Billions of years ago there was an “explosion”, and now (so it goes) we’re in a state of constant reversal. A self-correction. A galactic Humpty Dumpty trying to get back on the wall. Energies moving towards one-ness.

As I examine my habits, as a temporal pawn in this larger game. I question the ways in which I am perhaps playing a role in the Universe’s plans?

I realize that sounds a bit out there. Here’s my thoughts:

The theory goes that this reconnection has been going on for millions of years. Over the past 100 years or so (in my slightly extended view of time) I have been witness to exponential connectivity: Humans societies (once completely fragmented tribes) have been connected. 100 years ago flew the first Intercontinental flight connected countries, telephone lines connected families, and in the 90s the Internet connected the World. Thomas Friedman argued that the World is Flat; news from around the world in 140 characters. These are just a few examples that come to mind regarding the culture of connectivity.

How this relates to me…

I just noticed that many of my goals for 2017 can be rewritten as goals for the purpose of connection. I wonder, maybe the underlying energy of my goals IS actually just connectivity? Perhaps? Well, let’s take a closer look:

Here they are, some of my goals for 2017 rewritten starting with the word “connect”:

  • Connect with foreign cultures (learn German as a new language)
  • Connect with machines (teach people JavaScript and how to code)
  • Connect with myself (play piano more)
  • Connect with a larger system that we’re all swimming in, but few can see. (read 24+ books in 2017)
  • Connect with another human being (I’d love to meet someone and have meaningful romantic relationship in 2017)

2017 the year for connection.

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