2019's Holiday Ads Will Give You All The Festive Feels

Mariah Carey, excitable dragons, time travelers and adorable animations make the cut as this year's best festive commercials.

The holidays are here.

And with the festive cheer comes the inevitable onslaught of holiday and Christmas advertisements.

As 2019 draws to a close, companies around the world are once again doing their darndest to get people to part with their hard-earned cash via emotional or funny ads.

British department store John Lewis elicited “Game of Thrones”-themed jokes online with the introduction of Edgar the adorable (yet dangerously excitable) dragon to follow its opinion-splitting 2018 spot featuring music legend Elton John.

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer Mariah Carey took center stage in potato chip-maker Walkers’ ad, while McDonald’s UK’s promo told the heartwarming tale of an animated family and “reindeer” turned into reality.

And then there is that controversial Peloton commercial.

Check out the best ads below. We’ll update as new ones arrive.

Excitable Edgar (John Lewis)
All Mariah Carey Wants For Christmas (Walkers)
Reindeer Ready (McDonald's UK)
Santa's Little Helper (RSPCA)
125 Years of Blooming Barbour Christmases (Barbour)
Delivering Christmas (Tesco)
Gift Like You Get Them (Boots)
Go Jumpers For Christmas (Marks & Spencer)
Go Pyjamas For Christmas (Marks & Spencer)
Nicholas The Sweep (Sainsbury's)
Where You Shop Matters (VISA UK)
Let's Make Christmas Extra Special (Asda)
Get More Out Of Giving (Very.co.uk)
The Lidl Elves (Lidl Ireland)
Perfect Christmas Dinner (Iceland)
Kevin The Carrot (Aldi)
Santa Girl (Macy's)
Some Gifts Become Legacy (Thomann Music)
The One Place For Any Christmas (The Warehouse)
If I Were A Toy (Smyths Toys)
A Disney Christmas (Disney UK)
Christmas At The Click Of A Button (Joules)
Where Christmas Comes Together (Dobbies)
Silence The Critics (IKEA UK)
The Book Of Dreams (Argos)
Gift Different (TK Maxx)
Free To Be (Zalando)
The Recipe Of Christmas (Disneyland Paris)
Henry (Guide Dogs)
A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas (Dogs Trust)
Wish Upon A Costa (Costa Coffee)
Beware The #LeafyBlinders (Aldi UK)
Cineworld Charades (Cineworld)
Christmas Jumper Day (Save The Children)
Kids In Charge Of Christmas (B&Q)
Shake Up The Holiday Spirit (Chanel)
Packed Full Of Christmas (Fortnum & Mason)
Christmas Tree (Celebrations)
Future Fantasy (Selfridges)
Adopt A Better Future (WWF)
Drummer Boy (Home Store + More)
The Season Of Light (Mulberry)
Come Together For Christmas (Manchester City Council)
Save Christmas... And Your Pennies (eBay)
Here's To The Givers (Etsy UK)
E.T. Came Home For Christmas (Sky)
Lucy & The Reindeer (Microsoft)
The Surprise (Apple)
Made For You (Anzara)
Tell Me Lies (NZPost)
They Joy Of Connection (Vodafone Ireland)
The Miracle Ham (Aldi Australia)
Wonder For All (Coach)
Hide & Seek (easyJet Holidays)
Find Your Tradition (Cost Plus World Market Holiday)
Gift The Thought: The Hoodie (Gap)
Gift It Forward: A Cardi Carol (Pepsi)
Libby Left Behind (Cats Protection)
Connect Your Galaxy (Samsung Galaxy)
Piggy Bank (Walmart Canada)
Holidays Are Coming (Coca-Cola)
Be A Kid This Christmas (Haford Hardware)
Print The Holidays (HP)
The Gift That Gives Back (Peloton)
Festive Holiday Troubles (Heineken)
The Gift Giving 2019 Campaign (Gucci)
Goat Yoga (Lincoln)
Mama Claus (Facebook Groups)

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