21 Dogs Standing In Solidarity With The Women's Strike

Puppies against patriarchy. 🐶

On International Women’s Day, women around the country joined in the “Day Without A Woman” strike. They stopped doing paid and unpaid work. They did not shop, unless they were supporting small women and minority-owned businesses. They wore red.

And their dogs were with them. 

Here are 21 totally feminist pets who stood in solidarity with the women’s strike.

Puppies for pussies. #daywithoutawoman #iwd

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Today you can cash me in red ( #howbowdah ) in solidarity of #daywithoutawoman #nationalwomensday

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Canine Solidarity #daywithoutawoman

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it might be a #daywithoutawoman but there's definitely no days without a nap 😴

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Reddy Freddy! #adaywithoutawoman #internationalwomensday

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