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21 High-Protein Breakfasts To Start Your Day

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Photo by Kelly Redfield

We're constantly told about the importance of eating breakfast as it's known to boost metabolism, decrease our risk of certain diseases, and provide us with our energy needs for the day. However, those benefits may not be coming through if you're consuming foods that hold little to no nutritional value.

The most recent evidence is emphasizing that it's what we eat for breakfast that actually matters. Foods that contain protein have been scientifically proven to affect the gastrointestinal hormones that target the brain to adjust our appetite and satiety. In an experiment conducted at the University of Missouri, participants were shown to have increased satiety throughout the entire day and were less likely to snack on fatty foods.

It's also been acknowledged to be good for the brain. So besides consuming protein just for your post-workout gains, use it to ace your next midterm. To kick-start your day, check out these high protein breakfasts:

1. Cottage Cheese Protein Pancakes
Photo by Andy Crosby

If you're a fitness junkie, these were made for you. Indulge in these protein pancakes now.

2. Avocado Egg Toast
Photo by Amanda Shulman

A classic breakfast combo that never fails to satisfy and energize. Get the recipe here.

3. Healthy Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies
Photo by Maia Vernacchia

Knowing that I'm going to have cookies for breakfast would immediately get me out of bed. Better yet, they don't even take that long to bake. these now.

4. Blackberry Chia Greek Yogurt Parfait
Photo by Yonatan Soler

Feel fancy AF while making this parfait. Blackberries not your jam? Swap out any other similar fruit like raspberries or blueberries.

5. Ricotta Avocado Toast
Photo courtesy of

The only thing better then avocado and egg is avocado and cheese together. Learn how to pair them here.

6. Banana Blender Muffins
Photo by Katherine Baker

All it takes is 5 ingredients and 1 blender. Easy to make and easy to clean.

7. Breakfast Greens
Photo by Amanda Shulman

Leafy greens are also a source of protein. Feel healthy and energized with this here.

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