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7 Hotels You Didn't Know Were Owned by Celebrities

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More and more celebrities have been investing their Hollywood money in the hospitality sector as of late--restaurants, nightclubs, and transportation services, to name a few. But it's celebrity owned hotels that have most recently been thrust into the limelight, though not always for the most delightful of reasons. The Nobu Hotel in Manila, which is co-owned by Robert DeNiro, was recently named the world's worst. Rigsby's Guest House, of which Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is the sole shareholder, was closed due to poor sales. However, not all celebrities have seen such failures when dabbling within the hospitality industry: Andy Murray's Cromlix Hotel has received consistently excellent reviews since its opening in 2014, and Robert Redford's Sundance Resort remains one of Utah's finest. Leonardo Dicpario made headlines with the purchase of a $1.75 million dollar island in Belize, where he plans to build a sprawling, eco-conscious resort, set to open in 2018.

Many hotel patrons may not realize that they're in fact staying at a star-studded property, which is why we've rounded up the ultimate list of celebrity owned hotels. Book a room at one of these A-list approved destinations, and you may wind up doing yoga next to Hugh Jackman or eating breakfast next to DeNiro.

Hugh Jackman: Gwinganna Health Retreat
See More of the 21 Hotels You Didn't Know Were Owned by Celebrities Nature lover Hugh Jackman planned on spending a few weeks at the Gwinganna Health Retreat on Australia's Gold Coast while getting in shape for Wolverine, but instead wound up staying for two months—and ultimately became co-owner. The wellness resort offers spa treatments, outdoor activities, stress therapy and more, all amongst a serene Australian setting. Photo: Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat
Andy Murray: The Cromlix Hotel
See More of the 21 Hotels You Didn't Know Were Owned by Celebrities Tennis star and Oympic gold medalist Andy Murray owns the Cromlix Hotel, a Victorian country estate that dates back to the 19th century. The property was converted into a hotel sometime in the 1980s, but only recently did it reopen under the ownership of Murray, whose refurbishments turned it into a five-star luxury property. Photo: Cromlix Hotel
Richard Gere: The Bedford Post Inn
See More of the 21 Hotels You Didn't Know Were Owned by Celebrities Located in the charming town of Bedford, New York, this historical property dates back to the 1860s and is situated amongst lush, rustic surroundings. What guests may not know, however, is that the Inn is co-owned by Richard Gere, a Westchester resident himself. Photo: Bedford Post Inn
Leonardo Dicaprio: Blackadore Caye
See More of the 21 Hotels You Didn't Know Were Owned by Celebrities Though the property won't be opening until 2018, Leonardo Dicaprio's ambitious undertaking to build a luxury, eco-friendly resort on the island of Blackadore Caye in Belize saw the environmentalist purchase the island—that's right, the island—for $1.75 million dollars alongside hotelier Jeff Gram. Photo: McLennan Design
Rupert Grint: Rigsby’s Guest House
See More of the 21 Hotels You Didn't Know Were Owned by Celebrities The actor best known for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films also happens to have a quirky investment habit. Grint once famously purchased an ice cream truck and discretely bought shares in his parent's hotel, Rigsby's Guest House, which was unfortunately closed in 2015 after making only $3,000 in four months. However, the townhouse supposedly being converted into apartment units by none other than the Grint family themselves. Photo: Rigsby's Guest House
Robert DeNiro: Multiple Properties
See More of the 21 Hotels You Didn't Know Were Owned by Celebrities Iconic Tribeca eatery Locanda Verde and the luxury Shibui Spa make Robert Deniro's Greenwich Hotel one of New York City's best. His other properties haven't seen such success, howeverthe Nobu Hotel in Manila, of which DeNiro co-owns, was recently named the world's worst. DeNiro also co-founded Nobu Hospitality Group, alongside renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, which includes 32 restaurants and nine hotels. Photo: The Greenwich Hotel
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones: Ariel Sands
See More of the 21 Hotels You Didn't Know Were Owned by Celebrities Hollywood power couple Michael Douglas and Catherina Zeta Jones co-own the Ariel Sands Resort in Bermuda. The resort, which is currently being redeveloped and will open in 2017, will feature beachside cottages as well as a fresh water pool, direct beach access, a salon and spa. The best part about the hotel, however, has to be the dedication to building an eco-friendly property, which will utilize green energy. Photo: Ariel Sands

--By Adeline Duff

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