21 Lessons From ‘The Holiday’ That Warm Our Hearts 10 Years Later

Always be the leading lady of your own life.
'The Holiday' is 10 years old today.
'The Holiday' is 10 years old today.
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It’s been 10 years since Nancy Meyers’ “The Holiday” debuted in theaters on Dec. 8, 2006.

Like “Love Actually,” the movie employs the unbeatable combination of British people, love and Christmas, and thus has cemented its place as a modern holiday classic. “The Holiday” follows Iris and Amanda, two women who switch homes to escape the stresses of their lives and find personal happiness.

While some parts of the movie may not hold up in 2016 (the whole premise was pre-Airbnb after all), many messages from Iris’ and Amanda’s stories still ring true. Here are 23 lessons for women from “The Holiday”:

1. Solo dance parties are never a bad idea...

2. Especially when delicious wine is involved.

3. Friends give the best advice and show you what you can’t see about yourself.

4. Traveling in heels during a snowy winter can only lead to negative outcomes. In fact, just ditch heels full-stop when it comes to travel.

5. It’s best to finish your work before the office holiday party begins, or else you’ll miss the celebration.

6. There’s nothing like a good “meet cute,” as they say in the biz.

7. Food should not make you feel guilty.

8. Never let your relationship status define your happiness.

9. Try not to let personal bias prevent you from seeing the truth about someone.

10. Be the leading lady you’re meant to be!

11. ...Even if you don’t feel like one.

12. Do not buy a special present for your manipulative ex who takes advantage of your unrequited feelings.

13. Hanukkah parties are pretty freakin’ awesome.

14. Sometimes you just need to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

15. The simplest compliments are often the most sincere.

16. Honest, open communication is key.

17. Sometimes, love really fucking hurts.

18. It’s possible to find joy and renewal in unexpected places.

19. Don’t be afraid to confront the hard questions when it comes to what you want in life.

20. Everyone deserves to find their Mr. (or Ms.) Napkin Head.

21. And sometimes, the most special friendships come to you in unexpected ways.

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