21 Love-Filled Photos Of Adoptive Families Coming Together

So much love!

Today marks the last day of National Adoption Month, a time to let families who grew through adoption share their stories and to shine a light on the many children who still need loving homes.

The journey to bring together adoptive parents and kids can be long and emotional, but the result shows that it's all worth it.

Here are 21 beautiful photos of parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even friends coming together as families through adoption.

Brooke Collier Photography
Owen was 20 months old when his parents adopted him from an orphanage in China. Photo by Brooke Collier Photography.
Three Continents Photography
Olivia came home to her family Steve, Kristen and Ryan in Virginia. Her grandfathers met her at the airport. Photo by Three Continents Photography.
Three Continents Photography
Baby Callie traveled to Virginia to live with her adoptive parents Grace and Peter and big brother Carson. Photo by Three Continents Photography.
Crystal Hardin
Lisa and her husband Reade adopted their daughter Bella from an orphanage in Haiti. Photo by Crystal Hardin
Crystal Hardin
Lisa and Reade also adopted a son named Maki. Photo by Crystal Hardin
MJW Photography
Jennifer and Lance adopted their son Welly from Haiti. He joined siblings Luke, Sara, Hope and Emma in Arkansas. Photo by MJW Photography
Kirsten Lee Photography
This Georgia couple brought home their daughter from China. Her big brothers and grandparents excitedly greeted them at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Photo by Kirsten Lee for for Red Thread Sessions, a website that celebrates adoption through photography
Tiffanie Michael
"We adopted our children two years and four months after they were placed in foster care with us -- Nov 20, 2013," mom Tiffanie Michael told HuffPost.
Jclaytor Photography
Ben and Sammy moved from foster homes in China to their forever family in the U.S. this past June. Photo by Jclaytor Photography
Brooke Collier Photography
He met his two big brothers in Michigan. Photo by Brooke Collier Photography.
Maura Montellano Wetherbee and Katherine Wetherbee
Maura Montellano Wetherbee and Katherine Wetherbee adopted baby Ava Simone last March, completing their family. Big sister Gia Belen turns 4 in December. Both their daughters were adopted domestically from the same birth mother, and the family lives in L.A.
Tiia Norsym Photography
Baby V's parents only got a few days' notice before her arrival and quickly bought a crib and clothes. "But all she really needs is LOVE, which there sure is plenty of in the Z household!" the photographer said of the family. Photo by Tiia Norsym Photography
Alyse French Photography
The Allen family adopted baby Jillian from China this past May. Photo by Alyse French Photography
Three Continents Photography
Jasper lives in Virginia with his parents Mike and Susan, and two sisters Kait and Megan. His family was there to support him during his official citizenship ceremony. Photo by Three Continents Photography.
Chesley Summar Photography
Scott and Rebecca Walker adopted their daughter Annalee from South Korea earlier this month. Photo by Chesley Summar.
Jclaytor Photography
Lindsay and Scot adopted their son Zeke in 2014. Photo by Jclaytor Photography.
Sarah Edness
Sarah Edness adopted her husband's biological son in August 2012 after six years of custody battles.
Tara Peddicord Photography
Shelly and Jason adopted baby Justice in April 2013. Photo by Tara Peddicord Photography
Shaiqua Misra Vyas
"Jan 2003 our 4-month-old little girl came home," the mom told HuffPost.
Erin Kata Photography
The Krieger family adopted Norah from China in March 2015. Photo by Erin Kata Photography
Maritza Saxe
Christmas after adoption.

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