21 Mom Superpowers

Have you ever noticed the little things that appeared when you became a mom?
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Have you ever noticed the little things that appeared when you became a mom? No, not the stretch marks or extra few pounds, but the awesome mom superpowers that are magically bestowed upon us when kids come into our lives. Moms are really amazing, and here are 21 examples of just how great we are!

1. Bullsh*t Detector.

2. Eyes All Around Our Heads (not just in the back).

3. Our Purses Are Like Clown Cars.

4. Dog-Like Hearing.

5. Saliva That's Like Lysol.

6. The "Look."

7. Kisses Have Healing Powers.

8. Homework Helpers.

9. Multi-Tasker Extraordinaire.

10. Nurse.

11. Empty Threat-er.

12. Sherlock Holmes (nothing goes missing when Mom's around).

13. Award-Winning Cuddler.

14. Master of Laundry Procrastination.

15. Um... BABY MAKER.

16. Milk-Making, if you so choose.

17. Dog-Like Sense of Smell -- poop in the other room!

18. Speaking Toddler-ese (and, thanks to Google, text-ese, for teens).

19. Pinterest-Worthy (or not) Craft Skills.

20. Leftover-Disguising Skills That Could Make Martha Stewart and Julia Child Jealous.

21. "Swing Actor." (Moms are the chauffeur, event planner/organizer, hairstylist, wardrobe team, personal assistant... constantly changing roles, without even batting an eyelash!

What superpower do you have, that I forgot to list?? Tell me in the comments!

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