21 Quinoa Recipes Literally Anyone Can Make

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The food world is full of trends. I'm sure you've heard mention of kale, green juice, avocado toast, acai bowls, and quinoa all at least once. Some people (a lot of people) embrace these trends wholeheartedly, wearing Kale shirts and juice cleansing to their hearts' delight, while others shame such trends as too "basic" or "mainstream."

And, OK, maybe some of these trends are a little basic. But if they're delicious, and I promise you they are, why bash on them?

If you've ever been hesitant to experiment with one of these trendy foods, today is the day to make a change. Start with one of these epic quinoa recipes; you won't regret it.

I bet you thought quinoa was exclusively a savory food. Well, think again. Get the recipe here.

2. Quinoa Pancakes
Photo by Lily Lou

Trust us, pancakes really are better than boyfriends, especially these ones.

3. Lemon Quinoa with Peas
Photo by Kelda Baljon

You could use a little lemon in your life. Get the recipe.

4. Spinach & Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes
Photo by Kelda Baljon

Because tomatoes are always a good idea. Get the recipe.

5. Chicken Quinoa Fried "Rice"
Photo by Amanda Shulman

Fried rice is finally healthy. Recipe here.

Warm salad will be your new best friend, give it a try.

7. Red Quinoa with Edamame
Photo by Ashley Crompton

It tastes even better than it looks. Find the recipe here.

8. Chocolate Quinoa Squares
Photo by Lily Lou

Dessert quinoa? Yes please. Check it out.

9. Bacon Pumpkin Quinoa
Photo by Hannah Lin

Because pumpkin is good all year round. Get the recipe.

10. Crispy Quinoa Black Bean Burger
Photo by Sally Zhang

Even carnivores won't be able to resist this amazing burger.

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