21 Ramadan Tweets That Only Muslims Will Understand

Here's a snapshot of the Ramadan buzz on Twitter.

Whether it's the physical test of abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours, or the spiritual task of digging deep inside your soul to reflect on your relationship with God, Ramadan is meant to be a challenge. 

Often, it's a tough one. 

About halfway through the holy month, which began on June 6, Muslims around the world have taken to social media to share their experiences.

YouTube personality Karim Metwaly asked his followers to tweet out their #RamadanStruggles. HuffPost Religion has rounded up a few replies to this callout, as well as other tweets that capture both the trials and the joys observers of the fast have encountered during this holy month. 

From waking up for the pre-dawn meal, or suhoor, to feeling full after a hefty post-sunset dinner, or iftar, here are 21 tweets that capture the experience of observing Ramadan.