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21 Simple Ways to Be Happy in 2010

Marcus Aurelius says, "Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking." I invite you to explore 21 Simple Ways to create happiness in 2010
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"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking." ~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

With Marcus Aurelius Antoninus' quote in mind, I invite you to explore 21 Simple Ways to create happiness in 2010!

1. Be your own BFF (best friend forever). Enjoy your own company. Embrace everything about you! Without a doubt, it's the most important step towards being a happy person.

2. Smile, giggle, snicker, or chuckle! Smiling releases serotonin in the brain, which instantaneously gives your mood a lift.

3. Dream big in every area of life. Set your life in motion and manifest your heart's desire.

4. Shut the doors and the windows tight! And then put on your favorite song and sing out loud. Let it rip!

5. Cook a healthy, delicious meal. Serve it up pretty and savor the flavor, one bite at a time.

6. Expect a miracle. Believe that something wonderful will happen for you today. The universe is waiting to shower happy blessings on you.

7. Meditate, pray and chant. Research shows that people who are spiritual tend to be happier and healthier than those who are not.

8. Pull up your best pair of warm socks. Wiggle your toes and enjoy a cozy kind of bliss.

9. Sleep baby sleep. Seven or eight hours each night should increase your energy and decrease your moodiness.

10. Count your blessings daily. Gratitude, the emotion of thankfulness, is one of the key ingredients for living a happy life. Make gratitude a habit and happiness will be yours.

11. Wake up early! Start the day off on a happy foot, with a happy thought. The morning hours are full of spiritual energy and prana (life force).

12. Let the sun shine in. 20 minutes of sunlight per day improves mood and wards of Seasonal Affection Disorder (SAD).

13. Take a hot bath. Feel the tension melt away as you sink into a pool of happiness.

14. Say "Good Job!" Give yourself permission to pat yourself on the back. Recognize your accomplishments and positive qualities.

15. Happiness is contagious! Surround yourself with happy, positive people who share your values, your goals and dreams.

16. Grow a garden. Watching plants grow and thrive under your care is thrilling!

17. Pencil in 'quiet' time on your calendar. Each and every day sit, without television, without magazines, without the Internet. Just be!

18. Look to the future. Set goals and then make plans to succeed and take action. Pursuing something we value always makes us happy.

19. Accept what you cannot change. Don't waste your precious time, energy or thoughts on something that is beyond your control. Let it go.

20. Curl up on a comfy sofa. Get lost in the pages of a romance novel. Feel the love!

21. Love. Love who you are. Love what you are doing. Love the person your with. Love your friends and your enemies, too. Love! Love! Love!

Spread the love ... not the icing!


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