21 Travel Resolutions To Make For 2015

21 Travel Resolutions To Make For 2015

It's true... many of us are pretty lousy at keeping up our New Year's resolutions. (Let's be honest: How often did you really go to the gym this year?) But next year, vow to stick to it and master something anything on your list.

First of all: Vow to travel (more) in the New Year. It's good for you.

Here are 21 things we're working towards in 2015...

Work less, play harder. parasailing

DON'T overpack.packed suitcase

Overcome a fear. Any fear.bungee jumping

Take at least one de-stressing break, even if it's only for a day.woman swinging in hammock

Combine your talents, i.e. painting with a local charity that helps construct homes in a place you want to go.habitat for humanity

Get lost.traveler walking city

Vow to learn a little.travelers learning

Take better pictures...and create better keepsakes of the moments. traveler taking pictures

Start a conversation with a local.local talking to tourist

Read something on the history of your destination before you get there.travel planning

Stop being all Type A and let someone else handle the planning details (at least a few of them). travel planning

Be spontaneous and open to straying from your itinerary.lost traveler

Stop obsessing over Yelp reviews and going to the "best" place. locals restaurant

Be nice and helpful to tourists...which, yes, contradicts everything we ever say about tourists. local directing tourists

Travel within your own hometown. new yorker sightseeing

Use all your vacation days and use them wisely. Take a buffer day to recuperate. vacation days

Create a travel piggy bank and make a habit to add to it. piggy bank

Pick out one specific location you've always wanted to go and research how to get there, save up and GO.travel planning

Don't put off to tomorrow what you can book (and enjoy) today.

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