21 Tweets That Are All Too Real If You Grew Up With Divorced Parents

Suitcases for days. 🛄 🛄

For those of us who grew up in a divorced household, the #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents hashtag on Twitter hits close to home. Seriously, it’s nice to know you’re not the only one who has been told, “You’re acting just like your mom (or dad)!every single time there was an argument.

Below, some #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents struggles and triumphs you’re bound to relate to as a child of divorce.

After the divorce, your homework excuses were always legit.

So were your excuses when friends wanted to hang out.

You lived out of your suitcase.

No, but really, every weekend you packed up your entire life.

Your parents quickly realized how to weasel their way out of important discussions.

And you probably heard this statement at least once in your life.

But hey, you had your tricks, too.

More often than not, you had to be the middleman. (Seriously, your parents were were married for years, they couldn't pick up the phone to call each other?!)

But the minute your report card came in, they convinently acted like a united front.

Still, there were some the perks.

And there was always one parent whose house you preferred just because of the junk food options and superior wi-fi.

#ThrowbackThursdays are extra fun with divorced parents.

At some point, you probably started living that blended family life.

And when your mom remarried (or took back her maiden name), your friends were majorly confused.

They also couldn't understand that your stepparents were definitely not your real dad or mom.

You constantly had to reassure people that even though your parents split up, you were fine.

On the bright side, it brought you closer to your siblings.

And you always had another parent to call for backup when you got in trouble at one house.

Plus, growing up, you realized your parents were real people with real feelings.

And that even though the marriage didn't work out, good things came from it.

And most importantly? You learned how to take care of yourself.

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