21 Tweets That Show Why Saying 'All Lives Matter' Is Bulls**t

These tweets prove that all lives actually don't matter in America.

For every black person that declares his or her life matters, there are at least a dozen hurt white people shouting “all lives matter” at them instead of trying to understand why saying #BlackLivesMatter is necessary in the first place.

This phenomenon is old and tired ― and black people are fed up. So the folks on Twitter decided to call out the “all lives matter-ers” on their bulls**t. 

Tweeting the hashtag #AllLivesDidntMatter, black, Latino and other users of color shared some historical and present-day facts about race that suggested that all lives, in fact, haven’t mattered when it came to systematic oppression in the U.S.

The hashtag was likely first tweeted in 2015, and it was revived when it started trending on Monday. Take a look at these on-point tweets that get real about why it can be argued that historically all lives really haven’t mattered in America.

In short, stop trying to drown out the cries of the marginalized with your white tears and all lives matter BS. Just saying.



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