21 Useful Legal Resources For Startups

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<p>The Internet is packed with legal resources and I made the list of the 21 best legal resources for startups.</p>

The Internet is packed with legal resources and I made the list of the 21 best legal resources for startups.

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Starting something on your own always seems like a good idea that gives you an adrenaline rush and the sense of freedom. Whether it's creating a new project, climbing a mountain or starting a new business.

With a startup, there comes a lot of work: brainstorming, polishing your idea, branding, marketing and so on. But all the creative work is just the fun part. Building a startup comes with the legal responsibility. You must understand trademarks, copyrights, privacy policy and many other new terms.

The Internet is packed with legal resources and I made the list of the 21 best legal resources for startups.

Startup Company Lawyer categorizes articles about very specific topics regarding starting a new business. Here you will find categories like Incorporation, Founder Issues, Down Rounds and much more.

Legal River is a place with free legal tools that will help you while starting your new business. Very convenient tools are the Privacy Policy Generator and the Terms of Service Generator.

Rocket Lawyer is a great website with free legal documents (more than 40 million created already) and advice. A great feature is that you can incorporate your business in minutes and Rocket Lawyer will file your work and check your business name.

Markify is a technology based website that searches and watches trademarks. You can receive reports made with the similarity method and search for new and similar domain names.

Startup Lawyer helps entrepreneurs deal with legal issues and solve them in the best way possible. Browse through various topics like Seed Rounds, Startup Issues, etc. and search the terms through the Startup Law Glossary.

On Startups is focused on entrepreneurs that are creating their new businesses. And this is one of the articles that answers the main 10 question every startup co-founder asks.

Lawtrades provides a great law dictionary made especially for the startup founders. The dictionary is sorted by alphabet and includes such terms like “Affiliate,”“Incentive Stock Option,” “LLC” and much more.

You might know Quora as a search engine where you ask a question and you get the answer. And that’s right. In this term sheet, you can find the answers to many questions regarding stock options, IPO, lawyer, etc.

Start-Up Launchpad offers many examples of legal documents and publishes a lot of useful information about the corporate law, intellectual property, securities and so on.

LeapIN is a turn-key solution to set up a location independent company with a bank account. They handle incorporation, accounting, taxes and compliance.

Docracy gives you a huge collection of legal contracts and other documents that you can use for your startup. A great feature it offers is the ability to sign and negotiate the documentation online.

Viewabill allows you to see what is going on on the other side of your business. Thanks to Viewabill, now you are able to see all the billable activity.

Google Patent Search is an amazing free tool provided to you by Google. Here you are free to browse all of the existing patents.

Startupery is a brilliant resource for all startup founders. You can find a lot of valuable resources from the legal advice section to marketing, strategy, operations, development, sales and much more.

AVC is a widely known blog between startup enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, written by Fred Wilson. Here you can read his insights, advice, watch inspirational videos, and more.

In AllBusiness, you will discover many useful articles on getting started by your own.

US Patent & Trademark Office will help you out when you’ll need to register a trademark or when you have questions about patents or IP Policy.

TermsFeed is an online generator for creating your Privacy Policy, EULA, Return & Fund, Terms & Conditions, Cookies Policy and the Disclaimer.

Cooley GO lets you browse many legal documents that are free to use and offers many free legal guides in the “Guidance” section.

Nolo publishes many articles on legal advice: Accidents & Injuries, Patent, Copyright & Trademark, Personal Finance and a lot more.

Using Iubenda, you can set up your Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy in no time. The website also publishes free guides, documents, and insights on their blog.

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Originally published at forbes.com on March 31, 2017.