21 Vintage Photos Of Black Models Who Paved The Runway


This post is part of a weekly series celebrating #ThrowbackThursday with reflections of our favorite childhood memories, past pop culture moments and more! 

New York Fashion Week is official upon us and here at HuffPost, we're taking the initiative to make the fashion industry more inclusive through our campaign #NYFW4All. 

As Iman stated earlier this week, there are still leaps and bounds the industry needs to make in terms of equal representation. That said, we'd be completely remiss to not pay homage to the black models who broke barriers and catwalked their way to diversifying the industry, paving the way for a younger generation of models like Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls to thrive today.

Let's not forget: Beverly Johnson made history as Vogue's first black cover model, Mounia was Yves Saint Laurent's first black muse and Tyra Banks was the first black model to land the cover of Sports Illustrated

 Take a look at some of the black models who've sashayed and slayed throughout the years:

  • 1 Iman
    Anthony Barboza via Getty Images
  • 2 Naomi Campbell
    Terry O'Neill via Getty Images
  • 3 Grace Jones
    John D. Kisch/Separate Cinema Archive via Getty Images
  • 4 Tyra Banks
    JON LEVY via Getty Images
  • 5 Beverly Johnson
    Anthony Barboza via Getty Images
  • 6 Liya Kebede
    J. Vespa via Getty Images
  • 7 Alek Wek
    Jean Baptiste Lacroix via Getty Images
  • 8 Tyson Beckford
    Steve Eichner via Getty Images
  • 9 Vanessa Williams
    Harry Langdon via Getty Images
  • 10 Donyale Luna
    Roy Milligan via Getty Images
  • 11 Naomi Sims
    Anthony Barboza via Getty Images
  • 12 Veronica Webb
    Rose Hartman via Getty Images
  • 13 Bethann Hardison
    Rob Loud via Getty Images
  • 14 Pat Cleveland
    Ron Galella via Getty Images
  • 15 Kimora Lee Simmons
    George De Sota via Getty Images
  • 16 Roshumba Williams
    Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images
  • 17 Mounia
    Bertrand Rindoff Petroff via Getty Images
  • 18 Waris Dirie
    Alexis DUCLOS via Getty Images
  • 19 Louise Vyent
    Anthony Barboza via Getty Images
  • 20 Karen Alexander
    Ron Galella via Getty Images
  • 21 Lana Ogilvie
    Keith Beaty via Getty Images

 This season, HuffPost Lifestyle will disrupt New York Fashion Week to ensure that it is an inclusive event for people of all skin tones, genders, sizes, shapes and personalities. Over the next week, we'll be highlighting designers, models and runway shows that are working to democratize NYFW. Help us make fashion week an event for EVERYONE by spreading our hashtag #NYFW4ALL and be sure to check out all of our coverage.

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