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21 Innovative Ways To Open A Beer Bottle That Dosen't Involve A Bottle Opener (VIDEO)

You just bought a choice bottle of beer, but forgot your bottle opener. Do you:

A. Go home and cry a lil' bit, while your favorite unopened beer rests quietly on the pillow beside you?
B. Walk the streets desperately looking for a person with a bottle opener?
C. Suck it up and just buy an opener?
D. Open the sucker with a nice pair of heels, a dollar bill or a laptop like it's no big deal?

If you watched the video above, which shows 21 ingenious ways to pop a top without an opener, then you probably chose D.

Thanks to this video, you will never have to cry over an unopened bottle of beer again. You're welcome.

Bottom Shelf Beer Taste Test, 2012