21st Century Authoratative Classical French Vegan Cookbook

The Classical Vegetarian Cookbook For Professional Chefs and Inspired Cooks

This cookbook was written for novice vegetarian cooks seeking to learn learn vegetarian cuisine and the seasoned veteran chefs looking to raise the bar on their vegan cooking skills. This is the first ever cookbook to comprehensively marry Classical French and vegan cuisine and bring both into the 21st century for both personal and professional cooks. Auguste Escoffier, the father of modern French Cuisine believed that chefs and cooks must adapt their cooking to serve their guest and adapt to our changing times. This cookbook marries Exquisite French and vegan cuisine drawing on my 39 years as a vegan chef to achieve this monumental task. This cookbook is also the companion guide to the Certified Vegetarian Cook (CVC) and modified to appeal to inspired cooks. It is a $70 professional vegan cookbook selling for $59.95 and discounted to $35.97 (40%) to make it affordable to everyone.

"To see the five French Mother Sauces adapted for vegan cuisine opens a NEW culinary chapter that would delight my great-grandfather ."

--- Michel Escoffier

As a veteran Executive Chef, IKA Culinary Olympic Gold Medalist I realize the challenges to putting superb vegan cuisine on America's table in an affordable manner and wrote this book t address those challenges. This book offers a new classical vegetarian cuisine focused on ancient, traditional, and modern vegan proteins, plant-based ingredients, and special cooking techniques. With more than 400 recipes and 1200 variations, this cookbook addresses vegetarian proteins (Seitan, Tofu, Tempeh, beans, and meat-style proteins), classical modern American pastries, many gluten-free choices, limitless center of the plate and classical sauce options, complementary salads and sides, and elegant non-dairy desserts.
As culinary educator I wrote the book in a format to walk the reader through the cuisine into the recipes. It explores the history of vegetarianism, different types of vegetarian diets, vegan protein nutrition, ingredients, techniques, and an extensive array of recipes. The book addresses different vegan protein sources, ingredients used in vegan cooking today, plus modern and ancient ways to create and prepare entrées and pastries. The book adapts classic recipes including Cacciatore, Coq Au Vin, Fricassee, pâtés, and duxelles, offers wood smoking options and more, and translates the five French Mother Sauces into vegan cuisine with an array of variations. With more than 100 desserts, the book presents non-dairy pastry creams, ice cream made in a blender, and introduces the chemistry of vegan pastries.
;This book elevates vegetarian food from everyday fare to simple sophistication already in demand by today's consumers. With health as a driver and a vocal audience supporting culinary change,

The Classical Vegetarian Cookbook for Professional Chefs and Inspired Cooks

is now a necessary resource for every home and professional kitchen.

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"...--this may be the future of classical cuisine."

Chef Louis Perrotte, Former Chairperson of the World Association of Chef Societies (WACS), Continental Director of the Americas, American Culinary Federation Vice President, CEC, AAC, HOF

"Invaluable...Chef Ron shows his mastery of vegan and vegetarian cuisine, teaching the core principles of vegan protein nutrition, special techniques, and flavorful food."

Chef Helmut Holzer, CMC

"A dedicated professional, Chef Ron brings a marvelous creativity to reinterpret the classics with his vegetarian culinary skills. I am honored to endorse this book."

Chef Hilmar Jónsson, former Vice President, World Association of Chefs Societies, CMC, AAC

"Chef Ron's book is a valuable and necessary tool for all who want to fully understand this new twenty-first century cuisine--animal-free with classical standards and classical taste."

Chef Alfonso Contrisciani, CMC, MC, WGMC, ACE, AAC

"Chef Ron is a true pioneer and leader through his creative innovative approach to outstanding world-class vegetarian cuisine! The heart of this book reflects his passion, showcasing vegan dietary principles with basic cooking fundamentals along with modern techniques and methods that are dedicated to vegetarian culinary excellence for all to enjoy and savor."

Stafford T. DeCambra, CEC®, CCE®, CCA®, WCMC, AAC® Chairman, American Academy of Chefs®, American Culinary Federation