22 Feminist Halloween Costumes To Bring Out The Wonder Woman In All Of Us

Make a political statement...or just have a damn good time.

Sure, Halloween costumes were traditionally meant to be scary. But when reality is so terrifying ― a racist, misogynist, serial liar might actually become president, after all ― it may be best to skip the ghosts and goblins and instead take the opportunity to honor one of the many brave and empowering women who help us get through these kind of trying times.

Whether it’s a politician or a superhero, your favorite fictional character or one of history’s most influential women, there’s a Halloween costume for every feminist. Here are 22 of our favorites:

A suffragist
Because voting has never been more important.
Angela Davis
Why not use Halloween as an opportunity to liberate minds and society?
Frida Kahlo
Monkey and all!
Pawnee Goddess

I am a goddess, a glorious female warrior. #feministhalloween

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Leslie Knope would be so proud.
Amelia Earhart
Time to break out the leather jacket and the knee-high boots.
Imperator Furiosa
Bad. Ass.
The Notorious R.B.G.

👑🏛Halloween is for Heroes #NotoriousRBG #SCOTUSQueen #Halloween2015 #feministhalloween

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Get your dissent on, girl.
Cookie Lyon
Finally, a reason to wear all your animal print in one outfit.
The Lavender Menace
Mel Holloway/Instagram
Lesbians, UNITE!
Dana Scully
Dust off that black blazer.
Pussy Riot
Super badass. Super easy. Super cheap.
Olivia Pope
Made better with the best accessory: a glass of red wine.
Hermione Granger
Accio candy!
Abbi Abrams and Bingo Bronson
Those eyebrows, though.
Beyonce and Nicki Minaj

Lol 🎈

A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

What's more feminist than the Queen of rap, slayin' with Queen Bey?
Agent Carter
Saving the world, one fabulous red fedora at a time.
Wednesday Addams

Morbidly precious ☠️🔪🕸 #WednesdayAddams

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Smile for no one.
Peggy Olson
Just because "Mad Men" ended doesn't mean you can't celebrate your favorite feminist copy writer.
Cecile Richards
Not all sheroes wear capes.
Wonder Woman

#comiccon #wonderwoman #cosplay #blackwonderwoman 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️

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Not all sheroes wear capes...but this one does!
Hillary Rodham Clinton
All you need is a pair of sunglases, your smartphone, and the fierce Resting Bitch Face of a woman who’s about to be president.
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