22 Ways to Use Old Toothbrushes Around the House

22 Things You Should Definitely Be Cleaning With A Toothbrush
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Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three months. But, if you're anything like us, you don't feel great about tossing out a mountain of toothbrushes every year. So soak those babies, bristles and all, in hydrogen peroxide for about ten minutes, rinse with hot water and give them a second life. Here are 22 inventive ways to reuse toothbrushes around the house.


1. Clean the vent of your hair dryer
Yes, there is a solution for this problem we've been desperately trying to ignore.

2. De-gunk your flat iron
Plates so clean you could cook on them (but, like, don't?).

3. Scrub your hairbrush
See a trend here?

4. Shine your jewelry
For your pearls and pearly whites apparently.

5. Scrub around drains, faucets, grills and in between bathroom tiles
It's literally the perfect size. How did we miss this?


6. Scrape off dried mud and other don't-even-think-about-where-it-came-from gunk from your shoes
Good as new.

7. Clean your Keurig
The secret to getting that hard-to-clean coffee out.

8. Or the coffee grinder

9. Sweep off the cloud bread crumbs from your computer keyboard
Because you never bought that computer duster thing you said you would.


10. Apply dry shampoo to your roots

11. Or as an applicator for at-home hair dye jobs
Accuracy is essential here.

12. Bequeath it to your BF to de-grease his bike chain
...And now he owes you a bike ride.

13. Tease your bangs
Not in that '80s way.

15. Use it for your next art project
Paint brushes can get expensive, and you were going for that splattered Jackson Pollock look anyways.

16. Brush off dust from houseplant leaves
You're already singing to them.


17. Give your blinds a good wipe down
Try not to be grossed out by how much dust you find.

18. Clean between buttons and knobs on household appliances

Trust us, they're hotbeds for germs.

19. Smooth paper onto a surface to get out air pockets and wrinkles

You've always wanted to wallpaper the bathroom.

20. Wipe down baseboards
They've been waiting for this for years.


21. Get crayon marks off the wall by adding non-gel toothpaste to your brush
You can stop questioning why you read your kid Harold and Purple Crayon.

22. Get those hard-to-reach toilet parts sparkly clean
Four out of five dentists approve.


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